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Discord is moving away from gaming focus to become more inclusive

Popular instant messaging and VoIP application Discord is going through a rebranding to reflect its increasingly broad audience and their diverse needs.
In May Discord celebrated its 5th anniversary. 

Since they launched in 2015, Discord has grown to more than 100 million monthly active users.  

Discord users spend 4 billion minutes in conversation daily across 6.7 million active servers, and on a weekly basis, that’s 26 billion server conversation minutes across 13.5 million active servers.

This popular communication application was originally designed and promoted with gamers in mind, as a new place for gamers where they can easily communicate, organize and share their interest.

Discord rebrending
Over the years, Discord became a place for more than just gaming (Picture: Discord)

But, over time, Discord became much more than just a place for gamers, and the company now wants to properly reflect that and make sure that Discord is a place for everyone, because one of the common misconceptions about Discord is that it is "for gamers only".

Discord founder and CEO Jason Citron wrote a blog post where he tried to explain the idea behind this rebranding.

"In asking you what you want Discord to be, we heard that you want Discord to be more welcoming, more inclusive, and more trustworthy so more kinds of communities can find a home here," he explains. Many of you told us that the biggest misconception you hear about Discord is that it’s 'only for gaming,' but you feel Discord’s for 'literally everyone' and 'for anyone who likes to talk.' "


discord rebrending
New Discord slogan is "Your place to talk" (Picture: Discord)

He adds that their goal is to make Discord more accessible and easy-to-use for everyone and they want to make sure that from now on, they will "send the right signals."

"As you’ve used Discord for more and more than playing games, our branding didn’t keep up, and the way we talked about ourselves sent the wrong signal to the world, making it harder for you to bring your broader community on Discord. And we know that the first few interactions someone has with our service could be intimidating because Discord is complex with many features."

The first step they will make to do this, besides rebranding, is to try to streamline the new user experience and make it easier for everyone to use Discord and understand how it works and what are its key features.

Along with that, Citron explains that one of their biggest focus will be to keep Discord a safe place for everyone, with zero tolerance towards hate groups and things like racism and white supremacism.