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Does Godfall require an internet connection to play?

Godfall is not a service game according to the developer but you will need to be connected to the internet to play it.
Does Godfall require an internet connection to play?
Godfall, from developer Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Software, was the first PS5 title to get announced. The game is also a launch title for PS5, releasing on 12th November on Sony's next-gen console, as well as PC. With the game releasing soon, the developer has answered a pressing question from fans: Does Godfall require a persistent online connection to play.

Godfall persistent internet connection requirement

After the Godfall PlayStation Store page went live with pre-orders, fans spotted both "Online Play Required" and "PS Plus Required for Online Play", raising concerns about the game.

The official Twitter account for Godfall has now responded to fan concerns. Yes, Godfall does require a persistent online connection to play, even for the singleplayer campaign.

Does godfall require an internet connection to play

(Picture: PlayStation Store)


The short response reads: "Godfall is not a service game, but does require an internet connection to play."

Some fans are not happy with the answer, judging by responses on Twitter. However, the developers also made it clear Godfall isn't a "service game", also known as Games as a Service.

This isn't too unexpected, however, as most loot-based titles do require a persistent internet connection to enjoy, as it allows the developer more control over features, and to fight off possible cheats giving players the best items in the game without earning them.

Godfall will release on 12th November for PS5 and PC, and it will require an online connection to play.