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Dr. K shares own video game addiction experience

Alok Kanojia, also known as Dr. K, has shared his own video game addiction experience in a recent Healthy Gamer stream.
Dr. K shares own video game addiction experience
Dr Alok Kanojia, who some gamers or Twitch viewers might know best as Dr. K, recently shared his very own video game addiction experience with viewers. Dr. K, for those who don't know, is an American psychiatrist and co-founder of Healthy Gamer, and he talks about very interesting topics on Twitch regarding mental health, for example, when Alinity opened up to him on stream following tonnes of harassment.

Dr. K shares video game addiction story

In a recent Healthy Gamer stream, Dr. K shared his own experience with video game addiction, presumably when he was still studying to become a psychiatrist.

Video game addiction can, of course, become a serious problem, just like any other form of addiction. For Dr. K, his experience revolved around skipping classes to play Diablo for hours on end.

Alok Kanojia dr. k video game addiction healthy gamer(Picture: Healthy Gamer)

Dr. K explained: "When I am like, skipping all my classes for a week to play Diablo, like, I know there's a problem.

"That's actually what was the vicious cycle. I knew it was a problem. I could see my future slipping away from me one day at a time."

Dr. K continued by explaining how he thought of his future slipping away was so painful that he used video games as an escape mechanism. 

The shame caused a vicious cycle, as he continued to play another day, and another day. Dr. K explains: "Every step I take, I get deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole."


Video game addiction is a serious topic. Although some might believe things such as video game addiction to be fake or not severe, the World Health Organization’s ICD-11 actually classified  "Gaming Disorder" as a mental health condition back in June 2018.

Gaming Disorder is basically severe gaming addiction, which patterns of behaviour lasting for at least 12 months.

It is interesting to hear Dr. K's story about video game addiction. Remember, no matter what you do, don't let it get too excessive or impact your life in a negative way.