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Netflix & BioWare announce new Dragon Age Absolution series

BioWare and Netflix came together to announce their new Dragon Age Absolution series for fans across the board.
Netflix & BioWare announce new Dragon Age Absolution series

During the Geeked Week presentations today, Netflix announced the new Dragon Age Absolution series in collaboration with BioWare, the developer of Dragon Age itself. In tandem with the Summer Game Fest announcements all week, Dragon Age fans received a quick teaser of the upcoming animated show.

According to the announcement, fans of the Dragon Age series won't have to wait long to start watching. Dragon Age Absolution will release exclusively on Netflix starting in December of 2022. Considering the announcement was more focused on the title and the teaser, there wasn't a ton of information about the plot revealed, but there are some supporting details to satiate fans for now.

What is known about the Dragon Age Absolution series?

Dragon Age Absolution Protagonist
The story follows an elven protagonist and their companions. (Picture: Netflix)

Details on the new Dragon Age Absolution series are scarce, but BioWare and Netflix haven't left the well completely dry. We know so far that the lead character is going to be an Elf that is supposedly leading their own group on this adventure. They are labeled as the protagonist, but that doesn't mean other characters can't have equal stats.

As for the setting, Dragon Age Absolution will bring viewers back to Tevinter with a diverse ensemble of characters to help the Elven protagonist along the way. Within the group, we know there are Elves, Humans, Qunari, and Dwarves. Other types of characters that will appear outside the group include Red Templars, Demons, and Mages of course.

When you watch the 50-second trailer, you may try to find characters that you recognize from past games in the Dragon Age series. However, there aren't any to find as far as we know. BioWare and Netflix focused on a cast of characters that are new to the world but stay grounded in the lore.

Netflix is also no stranger to this kind of content, especially with the Witcher animated movie that they release. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf was received well and has a similar style to the Dragon Age animated series.

Does Dragon Age Absolution connect to the Dreadwolf?

Absolution new group
These characters could appear in future titles. (Picture: Netflix)

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has already been announced and it doesn't seem like the game is too far off from an information dump. It will still serve as the next step in the series in terms of narrative, so it may miss the Absolution timeline entirely.

The Absolution series is being labeled as a new saga with all-new characters, so it's entirely possible that these two titles will pass each other. But on the other hand, it could be a new cast that fans are already familiar with by the time the game releases. At the very least, this announcement could mean a big Dreadwolf announcement soon enough.

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Featured image courtesy of Netflix.