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Dragon's Dogma anime to hit Netflix in September

The Capcom action-adventure game garnered cult status upon its release in 2012.
Dragon's Dogma anime to hit Netflix in September

With videogame storytelling constantly evolving, more and more companies have looked at game's as the perfect jumping-off point for movies and TV shows.

Netflix is no stranger to this and the success of their Castlevania animated show inspired by the Konami franchise is a testament that they're serious when it comes to the treatment of gaming-related material, which is why fans have allowed themselves to get excited when the streaming platform announced a series based on Capcom's Dragon's Dogma will be arriving in September.



“Only the Arisen can face the Dragon and defeat the apocalypse. Here's your first look at the anime series adaptation of Capcom's action fantasy classic Dragon's Dogma, arriving September 17th,” the company stated via Twitter.

Some screen grabs have also been leaked giving fans a hint of what is in store come September.


Dragon's Dogma Anime, Netflix Dragon's Dogma, Dragon Dogma screengrabs, Dragon Dogma Leaks
(Picture: Netflix)


Released in 2012, Dragon's Dogma is an action-adventure role-playing game that lets the player fill the shoes of a human called the Arisen tasked with defeating the dragon Grigori.

What separated the Capcom developed game from others at the time is the combat that felt more dynamic in comparison. Naturally, the company’s experience developing fighting games made the fast-paced action of Dragon's Dogma shine above titles like Skyrim, providing an experience to fans that's yet to be matched, although recent releases like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Monster Hunter: World (another Capcom crafted experience that recently saw its movie adaption delayed) have come close to replicating that magic.


Dragon Dogma Anime, Netflix Dragon Dogma, Dragon Dogma screengrabs, Dragon Dogma Leaks
(Picture: Netflix)


In terms of sales, Dragon's Dogma was a moderate success selling over 1 million copies worldwide. An enhanced version called Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is currently available for current-generation consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch).

Hopefully, we get more of Netflix's anime adaptations in the future. This writer is crossing his fingers for a new Street Fighter anime.