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Dying Light 2 - Best ways to farm combat and parkour XP

While there are several ways to farm combat and parkour XP in Dying Light 2, we discuss the best ones in this guide.
Dying Light 2 - Best ways to farm combat and parkour XP

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a massive game with plenty of content to keep you busy for hours. While the narrative is crucial to the Dying Light 2 experience, it's the gameplay that's more appealing and engaging and will keep you coming back for more long after the credits have rolled.

Dying Light 2 is a challenging game, and it gets even more challenging when you're exploring the open world at night. Prowlers can detect you from afar and alert nearby enemies, resulting in a chase sequence that could end your run. As such, you need to be better prepared, especially in the early hours of the game, where some encounters can be infuriating. 

The higher your combat and parkour skills, the easier it is to escape or overcome frantic situations. As such, here's our guide on quickly farming combat and parkour XP in Dying Light 2.

Combat and Parkour XP in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 - Best ways to farm combat and parkour XP
Activating windmills reward you with enormous parkour XP. (Picture: Techland)

You can basically earn combat and parkour points by indulging in any of the game's activities or by simply exploring the open world. However, some activities reward you more combat and parkour XP than the others, and these are the activities you need to focus on to quickly level up your combat and parkour in Dying Light 2.

Activating windmills is one such activity. Windmills are scattered all across the city of Villedor and serve as a small parkour challenge for you. Activating these nightrunner structures rewards you with high parkour XP that would help you quickly level up your parkour and gain those parkour points.

Unfortunately, climbing and activating these windmills require a certain parkour level, so not all of these structures will be readily available for you to activate. However, activating even the lowest level windmills in a region rewards you with a minimum of 500 parkour XP, which is a lot compared to what you would gain from other activities, not to mention that completing these only takes a few minutes.

Dying Light 2 - Best ways to farm combat and parkour XP
Completing GRE Quarantine zone rewards you with 1,000 combat and parkour XP. (Picture:

Another activity that grants an enormous amount of parkour and combat XP in Dying Light 2 is GRE Quarantine. These are infestation zones that you should explore at night since, in the morning, they are brimming with tons of infections. At night, exploring GRE Quarantine zones becomes much easier as the few infected that are present there are sleeping. 

GRE Quarantine zones are also the best place to farm inhibitors, as each one of these zones contains four. Since you need three inhibitors to upgrade your health or stamina, you shouldn't miss out on GRE Quarantine zones. Collecting every inhibitor in a GRE Quarantine zone rewards you with 1,000 combat XP and 1,000 parkour XP, which is significantly larger than what most side activities will reward you in Dying Light 2.

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Featured image courtesy of Techland.