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EA Play Live broadcast announced for June to showcase new titles

EA has announced an online broadcast to show off its upcoming titles, with the next FIFA and Battlefield likely to appear.
EA has announced an EA Play Live online broadcast will take place on 11th June 2020. 

Following the cancellation of E3 2020, various game companies are now set to showcase new titles in digital events - including Microsoft and Ubisoft. 

EA is the latest to announce their plans, with an EA Play Live stream set to showcase “games through a live broadcast, community content and more”.

The stream begins at 4pm PT (12am midnight in the UK) on 11th June, streaming on EA’s website

While we’ll likely get new looks at sports titles FIFA and Madden, there might be some big surprises in store too - including a first look at the next Battlefield title or future plans for the next Star Wars game too. 

It’s likely we’ll hear even more news about upcoming livestreams in the coming weeks, with Microsoft kicking things off on Thursday 7th May with an Inside Xbox showcase. 

EA Play Live streams 11th June at 4pm PST/midnight BST.