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How to revive teammates in Evil Dead The Game

To ensure survival in Evil Dead The Game, you'll want to revive teammates who fall victim to demons.
How to revive teammates in Evil Dead The Game

Evil Dead The Game is out and that means it's time to take on demons or become one yourself. But for those who play as the Survivors, teamwork and the ability to revive teammates can be some of the most important aspects of the game.

In any game that is structured like Evil Dead The Game, especially in the horror genre, revivals can make or break a squad. When situations get chaotic, teammates are bound to get knocked to the ground. Even if someone dies, there will still be a way to bring them back through revival, and there are achievements for the acts as well.

Evil Dead The Game - How to revive teammates

Evil Dead teammates
Work together to pull of resurrections or revivals. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

Everyone in Evil Dead The Game will have a health bar to watch, and as attacks continue, your hit points are bound to deplete. It's fairly common for teammates to get downed, especially as fear levels raise and demons are able to possess more players.

When a down does eventually happen, any survivor in the party will have the ability to pick their teammate back up. Rather than keeping it as a character-based perk, revivals are universal and can be done first by getting in range of the downed player.

Once in range, you can hold the interact button on your teammate and an animation will play out. This aspect of the revival makes the process riskier and the demons will have another chance to attack those vulnerable states.

If there is a scenario where a teammate dies, that doesn't mean the chance of a revival is entirely gone. There are objectives on the map that change throughout the match and one of those can be considered an altar. Finding these altars will allow you to take a teammate's soul and bring them back from the dead.

In terms of abilities, it's still important to look at what each survivor can offer to the group. While some are better at fighting in general, others are geared towards support.

Revival achievements in Evil Dead The Game

Evil Dead teammate fire
Rack up revivals to earn an achievement. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

Revivals aren't just part of the gameplay in Evil Dead The Game, but they are also two parts of the many achievements that can be earned. One is geared towards total revivals and the other is geared towards total resurrections.

The first one is called "Never leave a friend behind" and this can be earned by reviving an incapacitated teammate at least 30 different times. As it sounds, this achievement or trophy can take some significant time to earn, but it's easier than resurrection.

The second achievement, the name is "Back from the dead" and requires fewer attempts in total. 10 resurrections of teammates will allow you to earn this as well, but it could take longer.

That's all there is to know about reviving your own teammates. Best of luck in earning those achievements and winning some games!


Featured image courtesy of Saber Interactive.