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Does Evil Dead The Game have an offline mode?

One of the biggest horror releases is now live with many asking the question, does Evil Dead The Game have an offline mode?
Does Evil Dead The Game have an offline mode?

A highly anticipated release is finally upon us as Evil Dead The Game is now live. Tabbed to be the biggest horror title release since Dead By Daylight dropped earlier in 2022, Evil Dead The Game should have a massive fanbase spanning multiple movies and a TV series.

While the multiplayer online mode is sure to be very intense and exciting, many fans are now beginning to ask a similar question. Does Evil Dead The Game have an offline mode?

Evil Dead The Game - Does it have Offline mode?

Evil Dead The Game Offline Mode singleplayer
Many fans are now wondering if Evil Dead The Game features an offline mode. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

Evil Dead The Game is set to offer hours of endless horror gameplay that's sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. While the online Multiplayer mode for Evil Dead is sure to be ultra-popular, there is always a segment of fans who prefer a slower-paced singleplayer mode as many titles often offer campaigns.

It will be good news for many fans to know that Evil Dead The Game does indeed have a singleplayer game mode. Though it's not exactly your traditional campaign mode, let's check out all the details.

Evil Dead The Game Singleplayer mode

Evil Dead The Game Singleplayer Offline game mode
The singleplayer mode will operate slightly differently in Evil Dead. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

The Evil Dead singleplayer mode will see players take control of a character they choose while playing a remixed version of the multiplayer mode (the other character slots will be occupied by bots). It's worth noting that Evil Dead The Game singleplayer mode doesn't have a traditional campaign, as the game is designed for co-op play

Perhaps the most important piece of information regarding the singleplayer mode, is that it will still require an online connection to operate. So those who play offline will have to consider a subscription (with their platform's online service) in order to access Evil Dead The Game.

If you're still on the fence about Evil Dead The Game, consider that the singleplayer mode will feature additional lore and side missions to further explore. Players will be able to unlock bonus cosmetics through the singleplayer mode and game-unique recordings by Professor Knowby.


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Featured image courtesy of Saber Interactive.