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Fall Guys Season 4 Squads Mode: Gameplay details, point system and Crowns

What we know so far about the Fall Guys Squads Mode in Season 4, including gameplay details, how to earn Crowns and the point system.
Fall Guys Season 4 Squads Mode: Gameplay details, point system and Crowns
Fall Guys Season 4 arrives on 22nd March 2021, while the Mediatonic team has been in charge of releasing more information about the content that will arrive through the new update of the game. Among some new skins and with some of the new scenarios already presented, the developers have presented one of the greatest novelties the new season will bring with it and that will completely change the way you play in this battle royale: Squads mode.

Fall Guys Squads mode: Gameplay details

Through an interview with IGN, the first details of the Squads mode have been presented, which will unite all the players in teams of four which will have to face off against other teams to try to emerge victorious.

For this, the matches will have the 60 participants divided into 15 teams, who will fight through a random selection of all the available scenarios, while something will be different in all these: When you lose, you will not be eliminated from the game.

"The difference between Squads and normal Fall Guys is that being eliminated does not completely eliminate you. You will only lose if your entire squad performs poorly in one round. We've all been in that situation where our teammate is eliminated in the first round.

There's this pressure of 'Well maybe we should all go back and go to the main menu and give it another try.' This allows them to basically act as a team," explained Joe Walsh, the lead designer of Fall Guys.


Fall Guys Squads mode: Points system

For this modality, a new scoring system will be introduced in many of the phases of the game, being adapted in all types of scenarios present. Teams with the fewest points after each round will be eliminated from the competition.

In the final rounds, there will be a fundamental change as the last player standing will give the victory for its entire team. Also, some of the normal stages will become final stages, specifically those that face two teams.

Fall Guys Squads mode: Crowns

Finally, the last main change will come from the side of the crowns, since in theory, it will be easier to get these, Mediatonic will implement a new Crown Fragments system.

Fall Guys Season 4 squads mode points system gameplay details crowns(Picture: Mediatonic)

This will mean that a victory in Squads mode will grant 20 Crown Fragments, while in order to obtain a complete Crown, you will have to collect a total of 60 Fragments.

Fall Guys Season 4 will start on March 22nd, while the game is available via Steam and PlayStation.

Season 4 is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles during Summer 2021.