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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: Release date, details, and more

This new free-to-play role-playing game will be available on Android and iOS devices.
Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: Release date, details, and more

Square Enix have been providing plenty for Final Fantasy enthusiasts to chew over in the recent week with announcements of a Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PS5, and a new mobile battle royale based 30 years before the game’s story, Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier.

In addition to that, a new free-to-play role-playing game for mobiles was announced, which will be part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, and will serve as a reimagining of all the titles released from the timeline of this title.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: Gameplay and story details

Final Fantasy VII release date
(Picture: Square Enix)

This new title, like Final Fantasy VII Remake, will be released as monthly episodic content. A re-telling of the 1997 classic, Final Fantasy VII, it will also include stories from some of the movies and games of the franchise, including:

  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  • Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  • Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

New narrative elements will be added to complement the Final Fantasy VII storyline and it may have connections with other games in the franchise.

The chapters available within the game will be arranged chronologically, in case players want to follow a particular plot, or simply play or revisit classic moments from the franchise at their own pace.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: Release date

The game is expected to be released for Android and iOS devices in 2022, although a specific release window has yet to be revealed by Square Enix.

However, the first teaser trailer of the title is now available, showing part of the combat system which is based on the Active Time Battle system of the original game.

It has also been confirmed that big names within the franchise will be working first-hand on the title, with Yoshinori Kitase as the game's executive producer, Tetsuya Nomura as its creative director, and Kazushige Nojima on the scenarios creative team.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: Monetization

The game is set to be free-to-play, but it will of course have a monetization system. Tetsuya Nomura revealed in an interview with Famitsu magazine that he hopes to implement a loot system where he stated that, “The monetization system is basically the use of loot boxes that contain random weapons."

"Some of these special weapons will also come with a set of new costumes
that wasn't available in the original games, adding new ways to enjoy the story that players haven't seen before."

Final Fantasy vii
(Picture: Square Enix)

It is expected that the game will have a total of ten episodes, available for free, with the first three addressing the history of Midgard.

It is expected that players will be able to play the game in its entirety without spending money -- if they chose to.