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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Release date, platforms, more

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth now has a release date. It was also confirmed it's the second part in a trilogy of titles.
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Release date, platforms, more

Final Fantasy VII fans are rejoicing after a very jam-packed anniversary stream hosted by Square Enix, with the biggest news being undoubtedly the reveal of FFVII Rebirth, the sequel to VII Remake.

Rebirth, which will act as the second part in a trilogy of games set to not only retell but reshape the story of Final Fantasy VII, was showcased with an incredible trailer towards the end of the 15-minute stream.

Long-time fans of the franchise will recognize certain key moments of the original game, however, as FFVII Remake hinted and Rebirth confirms, the story of this new trilogy will differ from the one presented in the original PS1 title.

We have a lot to unpack so let's take a look at everything you need to know about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

FFVII Rebirth - Release date

Zack will return in some way, shape, or form in FFVII Rebirth. (Picture: Square Enix)

Players were cautious about a release date considering Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced in 2015 and had a grueling development cycle that saw the game release until 2020.

Luckily, it seems fans won't have to wait as long, barring potential delays, as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch "next Winter."

Many people are interpreting this as a potential 2023 release window, however, it may be possible that FFVII Rebirth launches during the first months of 2024, mimicking Remake's original release date of March 2020 before one final unexpected delay due to COVID-19 pushed it to April.

As always, we'll update you accordingly once more information is revealed.

FFVII Rebirth - Platforms

ffvii rebirth
Rebirth is the second part in a FFVII trilogy. (Picture: Square Enix)

The first release of Final Fantasy VII Remake saw the game launch first on PlayStation 4, with subsequent ports to PC (first via Epic Games Store then Steam) following suit.

With Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII also receiving a remaster that will launch on Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles, players were anxious to see if VII Rebirth would also come to more platforms, especially the Microsoft ones.

Sadly for Xbox and old-gen console users, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a PlayStation 5 exclusive, making it one of the first AAA games to completely ditch last-gen hardware.

If you need more information to get you hyped up for the release, legendary creative director Tetsuya Nomura explained that for Rebirth, Square Enix took a different approach when developing it, allowing for certain members of the staff to start working on the third and final installment.

"A title of this scale in which everything is interconnected even before production began is truly rare. In fact, some development has already begun on the third title."

You can watch the trailer reveal for FFVII Rebirth down below.

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Featured image courtesy of Square Enix.