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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: How long is the Yuffie INTERmission DLC?

Is meeting Wutai's ninja worth it?
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: How long is the Yuffie INTERmission DLC?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the enhanced PS5 version of last-gens critically acclaimed RPG, is finally here, bringing graphical improvements and more importantly, brand-new DLC featuring Yuffie Kisaragi.

While players who purchased the PS4 version of the game are entitled to that same experience running at a smooth 60fps or in stunning 4k resolution for free, they'll still have to buy the INTERmission DLC, which comes at $20 or the equivalent depending on your region.

Many are still on the fence regarding the DLC, as oftentimes developers push content that may not be worth the price tag. So, is Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergade's Yuffie DLC deserving of your money?

How long is the Yuffie DLC in FFVII Remake Intergrade

yuffie dlc worth it
(Picture: Square Enix)

Prior to the release of FFVII Remake Intergrade, Square Enix confirmed the Yuffie INTERmission DLC would take place across two chapters. Taking into consideration the base game spans 18 in total, many fans were worried that the length might not justify a somewhat steep $20 price tag.

Fear not, as INTERmission has enough content to last somewhere between 8 to 10 hours, that is if you don't rush through the main story.

The game is jam-packed with sidequests, weapons to find and upgrade for both Yuffie and her companion, Sonon Kusakabe, exclusive new materia to collect, and minigames to conquer, including the return of Fort Condor, which features a quest of its own.

yuffie dlc lenght
(Picture: Square Enix)

We don't want to spoil everything but rest assured, you'll find some incredible boss fights along the way.


There you have it! We'll have more FFVII Remake Intergrade content coming so stay tuned to our dedicated section.