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Football Manager 2020 is free right now on Steam for a week

Sega has announced Football Manager 2020 will be free to everyone on Steam over the next week, as a large chunk of the world is forced into self-isolation.
Football Manager 2020 is free right now on Steam for a week

As many gamers find themselves with an abundance of free time through virus lockdowns, Sega and Sports Interactive have made Football Manager 2020 available to everyone for free.

You’ll be able to download Football Manager 2020 for free on Steam starting today (18 March) at 3pm GMT, with the promotion running till 3pm GMT on Wednesday 25th March.

The free access will only be available in this period, so you’re not permanently downloading the title for free - although it’s still a nice bonus if you fancy a nifty management sim to burn the hours.

This also only applies to PC and Mac users on Steam, with any progress made during the free week carrying over if you decide to purchase the full title afterwards.

As the name would suggest, Football Manager is a management simulation game which has become arguably one of the biggest on the market - gaining an avid audience through the thrill of steering your own football team to greatness.

It isn’t the only free game promotion developers are rolling out during lockdown measures, with Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey also available for free this weekend too.