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#FreeMvC2 sign spotted at All Elite Wrestling event

The movement started by Maximilian Dood trying to raise awareness about the iconic fighting game, Marvel vs Capcom 2, is reaching new heights.
#FreeMvC2 sign spotted at All Elite Wrestling event

The #FreeMvC2 movement has taken over the FGC in recent weeks, after renowned content creator and streamer Maximilian "Maximilian Dood" Christiansen raised awareness regarding Marvel vs Capcom 2's abandonment, as the iconic title is currently impossible to obtain.

The latest MvC2 rerelease was launched back in 2009 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it featured some enhancements the community came to love, such as rollback netcode. Sadly, due to licensing issues, the game was delisted in 2013. 

With such an influential figure like Maximilian kick-starting this new campaign trying to make Capcom and Disney aware that people are clamouring for the return of what many consider the greatest fighting game of all time, fans have taken upon themselves to make the movement reach new heights.

#FREEMvC2 sign spotted at AEW show

free marvel vs capcom 2 sign
The #FREEMvC2 sign was created by Twitter user KingOfKungFool. (Picture: @KingOfKungFool)

During the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, All Elite Wrestling's weekly show that airs on TNT, Twitter user KingOfKungFool took the opportunity to show Marvel vs Capcom 2 some love with an impressively crafted and eye-catching sign.

Sitting front and centre to where the main camera and multiple other angles were setup inside the Fertitta Center in Houston, Texas, the sign was clearly visible throughout the show for those that decided to tune in, even featuring in one of the highlights of the event involving wrestling legend Sting and his return to a ring after 20 years.

While at the moment, Digital Eclipse, the developers behind the last MvC2 rerelease, have shown interest in doing a new updated version of the title, neither Capcom nor Marvel Games have commented on the possibility of seeing the fighting game return in some capacity. 


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