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G4 host Froskurinn slams sexists viewers for "objectifying women"

Former LPL caster Indiana "Froskurinn" Black condemned the dehumanisation and objectification of women in gaming, while briefly taking a jab at recent remarks made by broadcast analyst Thorin.
G4 host Froskurinn slams sexists viewers for "objectifying women"

Former LPL and LEC caster Indiana "Froskurinn" Black recently made waves on social media after a lengthy speech addressing the dehumanisation and objectification of women in gaming went viral. The G4 host and League of Legends veteran raised pertinent issues many female professionals face in the industry.

Ex-LPL caster Froskurinn condemns sexism in gaming 

On 11th January and during the G4 broadcast, Froskurinn took a stand against the blatant sexism of women in gaming. "Every time G4 is brought up in various channels [...] there'll be backlash because I'm not as bangable as the previous host," she said.

Froskurinn continued, saying, "It has somehow been expected that you can talk about how much you jerked off to women as a compliment. It's not a compliment. It's dehumanising, and it's weird. Women do not exist to be nice on the eyes for you."

"And that's just obvious sexism. You don't need to explicitly objectify women or declare that you hate women to be sexist," Froskurinn added before pointing out the recent "disingenuous" outburst by the famous broadcast analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields.

Froskurinn slams "obvious sexism" present in gaming and esports
Froskurinn slams "obvious sexism" present in gaming and esports. (Picture: Riot Games)

Further in the speech, Froskurinn explained how she might receive "special flame just for being a woman" in response to "any change" that isn't one of the other male hosts.

"When you're in our DMs or on those YouTube comments, or in Twitch chat right now; those reactionary threads, thinking that I'm somehow ruining your current [viewing] experience because you can't objectify me how you previously did to Morgan or that I'm somehow less qualified to speak on something, but you can't quite put your finger on why [...] you're letting your unconscious biases ruin my day, and you're gatekeeping the gaming space," Froskurinn said.

G4 host Froskurinn slams sexists viewers for "objectifying women"
Froskurinn says the unconscious biases of sexist viewers is gatekeeping the gaming space. (Picture: Riot Games)

The former LPL and LEC caster concluded her monologue by asking fans to be "a bit nicer" and "more self-reflective" at the start of the new year and to "enjoy the fact that people are working hard to make free content" for them. "If you don't like it, don't watch it. Peace," she said in a final 'mic drop' moment.

Froskurinn's speech holds tremendous substance and epitomises a long-standing problem in gaming and esports. Her speech represented an important message and was brilliantly articulated that we only wish she could say again even louder for the sexists in the back.


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Featured image courtesy of LoL Esports.