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Ghost of TUSHima! Jin actor has hilarious reaction after seeing his butt in-game

Ghost of Tsushima's protagonist was modelled on Daisuke Tsuji, who recorded his reaction while streaming the game.
PlayStation fans have been enjoying the latest exclusive juggernaut developed by Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima, an open-world action-adventure game set in feudal Japan, with actor Daisuke Tsuji particularly enjoying one aspect of the game.


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(Picture: Sucker Punch)


As an actor with experience in the games industry landing roles in titles such as Death Stranding, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Prey, perhaps his most important role to date is that of Jin Sakai, the protagonist of Ghost of Tsushima.

While streaming the game on his Twitch channel, Tsuji, who voices and is used as the model for Jin, reached a point in which the protagonist strips off his clothes while visiting an onsen, showing his bare butt unapologetically.



Daisuke's reaction was very straightforward, and yet, hilarious: "Yeeeesss! Why am I saying yes to my own butt? I don't know."


Ghost of Tsushima butt, ghost of tsushima daisuke Tsuji, daisuke tsuji


Fans of all these impressive games releasing in the last few months have enjoyed seeing the people behind them enjoy their hard work live on stream. Previously, Aerith's voice actress from Final Fantasy VII Remake teared up upon hearing herself in-game for the first time.

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