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Grand Theft Auto 6: Rockstar responds to fan and Franklin voice actor speaks out

Rockstar Games support has responded to a fan asking where Grand Theft Auto 6 is and if there are any details to share.
Grand Theft Auto 6: Rockstar responds to fan and Franklin voice actor speaks out

Grand Theft Auto 6 has not officially been announced yet, and fans of the iconic franchise have been waiting for any type of news. Now, Rockstar Games via its official support Twitter account has responded to a fan asking about GTA 6.


Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) response

On 17th September 2013, Rockstar Games released GTA 5. Seven years later, and we still haven't heard anything official about GTA 6. 

Two years ago, the Rockstar Games support told fans to stay tuned, and now, it has happened again.



While this is not a lot to go on, the silver lining here is how Rockstar says they don't have news on GTA 6 "yet". 

This indicates news could be coming in the future but at the time of writing, we have no idea when this will happen.

However, the voice actor for Franklin in GTA 5, Shawn Fonteno, also spoke out about GTA 6 in a video found on social media.



Shawn Fonteno urges fans to stay patient, noting how it takes a lot of time to create a game the size of GTA 6.

Shawn Fonteno explains: "You all got to understand, it is a process to put these games out. COVID hit so it kinda slow s#%t down."

Is this a confirmation Rockstar is actually working hard on GTA 6 and a possible announcement could have already happened if not for the global pandemic? We'll leave this for you to decide.