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Hideo Kojima To Unveil "Completely New Game" In 2023

In Kojima Productions' 7th Anniversary address, Hideo Kojima revealed that details of a "completely new game" would be released next year.
Hideo Kojima To Unveil "Completely New Game" In 2023

It's been an exciting month for fans of Hideo Kojima's work. After a surprise unveil of DS2 (Death Stranding 2) at The Game Awards 2022 last week, followed by more recent news of a live-action feature film adaptation of Death Stranding, it seems there's a lot more the Japanese game designer has in store.

On 16 December 2022, as part of Kojima Productions' 7th-anniversary celebrations, Hideo Kojima announced that he would reveal details about a "completely new game" sometime next year. Accordingly, the video game mastermind said, "In addition to 'DS2,' [Kojima Productions] are also preparing a completely new game as well as some visual projects," adding, "I am hoping to bring you more information on all of these next year."

Showing off the developers' new game studio, Kojima added, "Now more than ever, we will expand our scope of creativity in this new environment. Please look forward to Kojima Productions' 7th year!" Naturally, the game developer remained purposefully vague about this next project; however, there is a strong suspicion that the title Kojima is referring to might be the third-person cloud-based horror game, Overdose.

In June this year, Kojima Productions entered into a partnership with Xbox that would leverage "the power of the cloud. Hideo Kojima noted that it would be "a game [he's] always wanted to make," going as far to say that it would be "a completely new game, one that no one has ever experienced or seen before." Kojima added that he's "waited very long for the day when [he] could finally start to create it."

hideo kojima new game
Hideo Kojima is expected to release details about a brand-new game in 2023. (Picture: Hideo Kojima)

Unfortunately, details about Overdose have largely been kept under wraps, with the only known existence of the project being leaked early gameplay footage. Accordingly, the leaked video showed American actress Margaret Qualley, who portrays Mama in Death Stranding, navigating a dark corridor. The scene later cuts to a jump scare, with the words "Gameover" and "A Hideo Kojima game" before revealing the game's running title: Overdose. Beyond this, not much else is known.

That said, we'll endeavor to update you regarding any further developments. It should go without saying that Hideo Kojima will likely keep us intrigued by posting more cryptic messages to keep us all guessing.