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Overdose game features Death Stranding actress

A new report suggests that Kojima's long-rumoured Xbox cloud-based project is a horror game called Overdose and features a Death Stranding actress.
Overdose game features Death Stranding actress

It's been three years since the renowned game developer Hideo Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions shipped Death Stranding, and fans have been waiting with bated breath for the indie studio's next big game.
Several rumours have surfaced since then, one of which suggested that Kojima was working on a cloud-based game for Xbox.

A new rumour now suggests that this Xbox project is a third-person horror game called Overdose and features one of the key actresses from Death Stranding.

Overdose is Kojima's next Xbox game

kojima next game
Overdose will reportedly feature Margaret Qualley. (Picture: Kojima Productions)

The aforementioned info comes from notable game journalist Tom Henderson, who shared the info exclusively via Try Hard Guides. Evidently, Henderson got early footage of Kojima's upcoming game, which features none other than the American actress behind Death Stranding character Mama - Margaret Qualley.

According to Henderson, " [Game] Footage shows the character walking through dark corridors with a flashlight in third-person, but it’s been suggested that the game can be played in first-person too. A jump scare at the end of the footage shows “GAMEOVER” followed by “A Hideo Kojima Game”… “OVERDOSE”.

No other info was provided except the possibility of an announcement at the upcoming Summer Games Fest. It's no secret that Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighly (the host of Summer Game Fest) are good friends, and it makes perfect sense for the former to reveal his next project at the latter's show.

Should you expect Kojima's next title at Summer Games Showcase?

Summer Game Fest 2022 Kojima Overdose game
Lots of evidence suggests the announcement of the Overdose game is imminent. (Picture: Summer Game Fest)

Kojima is famous for teasing his upcoming projects with cryptic tweets, and there is plenty of evidence in his recent tweets which suggest that an announcement is imminent. For instance, Kojima recently tweeted a behind-the-scene picture of a mo-cap session alongside a clock image that points to 9 and 6. Some may take that as an indication of 9th June, the day of the Summer Games Showcase.

We may be looking too deep, but Kojima has also been tweeting a lot about various upcoming horror movies and TV shows. Additionally, Kojima shared a picture of a conference call with Keighley, not to mention that he also retweeted Keighley's Summer Game Fest video.

Most importantly, Kojima was also part of last year's Summer Game Fest, where he vaguely (in true Kojima fashion) talked about his upcoming project, hinting that the project would be a drastic leap from what he has done before and comparing this leap with that of the world after the horrific 9/11 tragedy.

Many took this strange metaphorical reference as a confirmation that Kojima was indeed working on a unique cloud-based game, that too for Xbox, a platform it had not worked with before.

If all of this is any indication, it's possible that we see Kojima's next game at Summer Games Fest. Thankfully, fans won't have to wait much longer to find out.

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Featured image courtesy of Konami.