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How long does it take to beat Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Here's an approximate time it would take to beat the entire Mass Effect Legendary Edition, taking story length and DLCs into consideration.
Veteran Commander Shepards everywhere, as well as newcomers to the iconic sci-fi RPG franchise from BioWare, might want to know exactly how long it would take to beat Mass Effect Legendary Edition. For those who've been living outside the Milky Way galaxy, Mass Effect Legendary Edition features all three games from the original trilogy, as well as their DLCs, remastered for a new generation. This alone should give you an indication that it could take a very long time to beat. 

How long is Mass Effect Legendary Edition

To figure out how long it will take to complete the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, going through all three titles, we take the average play length of the original games, as well as all the DLC into consideration.

  • Mass Effect - Average 30 hours
  • Mass Effect 2 - Average 36 hours
  • Mass Effect 3 - Average 37 hours

Combined, all three titles in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition should take you roughly 133 hours to complete.

mass effect legendary edition how long to beat campaign story length hours played (Picture: BioWare)

While the length of all three campaigns already amount to 133 hours on average, with some but not all side-content, if you take full completion into consideration, we are looking at more than 200 hours.

There's also quite the incentive to complete all the content, due to Mass Effect 3 not featuring multiplayer. Therefore, to get the best ending possible, you will need to max out your Galactic Readiness as much as possible.

Our guide on how to increase Galactic Readiness and what it is will help you out in this regard.

mass effect legendary edition how long to beat campaign story length hours played (Picture: BioWare)

For the lack of a better term, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is massive. It will take well over 100 hours to complete, even if you brush aside most of the side content.

So there you have it, the approximate length of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Keep in mind how long it takes to beat will vary depending on player skill and how much they explore, so this is just an average estimate.