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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: What is Galactic Readiness and how to increase

Get ready for the ultimate battle and see how the changes to the Galactic Readiness in Mass Effect Legendary Edition will transform your experience,
The Mass Effect Legendary Edition gives players a new opportunity to explore and battle through the Milky Way against the Reaper threat, putting you in the hands of Commander Shepard. As part of the preparations for the final battle, a new mechanic was introduced back in Mass Effect 3 showing your performance as Shepard to recruit more allies before the ultimate confrontation, the Galactic Readiness, of which we are gonna talk about next in this guide, including how to increase your status.

How to increase Galactic Readiness in Mass Effect

During the remastered trilogy, the Galactic Readiness score measures your advances around the game’s story to get the better starting point before the final missions in Mass Effect 3, contrary to the original system which was largely influenced by your performance in multiplayer and even in other minigames around the title.

mass effect legendary edition how to increase galactic readiness(Picture: BioWare)

This time, to fit with the absence of multiplayer modes, the Galactic Readiness will depend on every decision you make throughout the three games, taking into account friendships, alliances formed, the quests you make and the ways you resolve something, with all this affecting the ending you will ultimately get.

"Galactic Readiness is no longer impacted by external factors that aren’t part of the collection. The more content you complete across the entire trilogy, the more likely you’ll be prepared for the final fights in its conclusion,” commented BioWare’s community manager Jay Ingram, around the balance changes to this mechanic.

Now, it will be up to you if you want to start your journey from the first game, or whether you want to jump directly to the last of the trilogy, as it will be easier to improve your score enough to get the best ending if you play the whole story.

mass effect legendary edition how to increase galactic readiness(Picture: BioWare)

And in case you go for the hard road, you will have to be very careful with your decisions and be prepared to do every single sidequest possible, as these will be the only way to more efficiently increase your score.


In other words, the Galactic Readiness will count every action you do and don’t do around the Mass Effect story, putting in your hands the fate of the whole galaxy and giving you the chance to shape a better (or worse) future for your people.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases on 14th May 2021.