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How to hide for 10 seconds as a Sneaky Snowman in Fortnite: Winterfest 2021 challenge

Fortnite Winterfest 2021 is here and it brings a set of new challenges for players to complete and unlock rewards. Here's how to hide for 10 seconds as a Sneaky Snowman in Fortnite Chapter 3.
The Holiday season is finally upon us and Epic Games are gearing Fortnite players up for the festivities. Winterfest 2021 is now live featuring tons of new content for players to enjoy.

Included with the seasonal event are a set of exclusive challenges, unlocking XP, and special Winterfest rewards. Most challenges follow the winter theme and can task players to interact with new seasonal map items.

Here's everything you need to know about how to hide for 10 seconds as a Sneaky Snowman in Fortnite Chapter 3 to complete the Winterfest 2021 challenge.

Fortnite Sneaky Snowman Chapter 3 Winterfest 2021
Sneaky Snowmen are one of the new Chapter 3 Winterfest map items. (Picture: Epic Games)

Hide for 10 seconds as a Sneaky Snowman - Fortnite Winterfest 2021

One of the new Winterfest 2021 challenges for players to complete is to "Hide for 10 seconds as a Sneaky Snowman within 25m of an opponent." The Sneaky Snowmen are a new map addition to celebrate the holiday season, and players can interact with them to take cover in important situations.

Longtime Fortnite players will remember the Legendary Bush item from Chapter 1 of the game, and the Sneaky Snowmen operate in a somewhat similar fashion.

To hide in a Sneaky Snowman, simply walk up to one, and press the prompted button to interact. Your Fortnite character will dive into the Snowman and you will be able to blend in by simply crouching, looking like just another item on the map.

To complete the challenge, you simply have to crouch as a Snowman within 25m of another player without being killed. Here's what it looks like in action:

Keep in mind, Sneaky Snowmen are plentifully located all throughout the Fortnite map in many different places. Head to any of the named locations and you should find more than enough available to complete the challenge.

Make sure to check out the rest of our dedicated Fortnite page as the exciting Winterfest 2021 event rolls along.

Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.