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How to play DOOM Captcha: Killing demons never gets old

Here's how you can play DOOM Captcha, the not-a-robot test which an iconic cheat code built in.
How to play DOOM Captcha: Killing demons never gets old
Are you tired of those pesky Captchas that asks you to prove you are not a robot by selecting the correct images? Well, now there's DOOM Captcha and you can "play" it right now. Yes, it just goes to show DOOM can run on anything, even Captcha systems. While DOOM Captcha might not be the best Completely Automated Public Turing test out there to determine whether or not a user is either a computer or a human but it is by far the most fun, especially if you are a gamer.

How to play DOOM Captcha

At the time of writing, DOOM Captcha hasn't appeared as the "not-a-robot" test on any websites we've visited. However, Miquel Camps shared his creation on Twitter, showcasing the unique Captcha in action.

You can head on over to the DOOM Captcha page to play it over and over again. There are also instructions on how to add it to your website, unleashing it upon your users, complete with the iconic DOOM music and demons to kill.

How to play DOOM Captcha add to website(Picture: Miquel Camps)

Those who wish to use it as their Captcha on their website can increase the number of demons players need to slay, and while this is just a point-and-click affair, it's pretty great for gaming websites instead of the "choose pictures with trains" affair.

However, it is important to note the DOOM Captcha can easily be beaten by bots, so it really isn't the most secure option for your website. 

On 23rd May, the DOOM Captcha became the top product of the day over on ProductHunt. Miquel Camps explained: "I think that today there have been much better projects than this one, but somehow DOOM Captcha has brought you some kind of nostalgia and you felt the project as yours. I'd like to continue my career as a creative developer, so you all gave me a little more confidence in me, if you loved this I'd like you to check out my projects as well."

Clearly, Captcha's don't have to be a boring experience, and thanks to nostalgia, some gamers might add this DOOM variant to their websites. It is DOOM after it can run on basically anything imaginable.

There's also a cheat code you can enter while playing. Yes, you've guessed it: "IDDQD"

Enter "IDDQD" while playing to defeat all demons, which in the original DOOM enabled "God Mode".

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