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DOOM is playable in Minecraft thanks to VMComputers Mod

You can now play DOOM in Minecraft with an excellent mod, so you can game while you game.

Ever wanted to play a game, while you are playing a game? Well, someone has managed to play the original DOOM in Minecraft, effectively gaming while gaming. This is all thanks to the incredible VMComputers Mod for Minecraft.


Playing DOOM in Minecraft

The VMComputers Mod in Minecraft allows players to build their own PCs inside of the game. This allows you to build working PCs inside of the game, ordering hardware supplies from space.

On Reddit, DrunkMate showed off how he plays DOOM in Minecraft.


Doom in minecraft VMcomputers mod
Playing DOOM inside of Minecraft (Picture: Drunkmate)


The video kicks off with his character running into his gaming room, inside Minecraft. On the screen, the player controls DOOM Guy, slaughtering demons in the original DOOM.



The PC in Minecraft is a bit laggy, and DOOM runs at low FPS. The PC has Windows XP installed, and you can actually do other things like open paint, Windows explorer, and more thanks to the VMComputers Mod.



Drunkmate explains: â€śYou gotta have a powerful PC. XP is kinda laggy but still usable. I even tried to do that, installed Java etc but it’s asking me for Graphic Drivers. Honestly, I don’t think that’s possible but ima try harder tho.”

Sky's the limit with the VMComputers Mod for Minecraft, and we simply can't wait to see what dedicated fans come up with next. 

Earlier in July, someone actually played Minecraft inside Minecraft, and even put themselves in Minecraft during a very complex undertaking. 


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