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Hyper Scape Hack guide

Mastering Hacks is vital to securing the win in Hyper Scape follow our guide for the lowdown on these world bending powers.
Hyper Scape Hack guide

Few games release with so little information as Hyper Scape has done. Unknown to the gaming community last week, we are now in closed beta with players able to gain access through that increasingly familiar Twitch Drop mechanic. That means every day new players will be joining the virtual world of Neo Acardia and battling it out. 

One of the things that separate Hyper Scape from other battle royale games is the hacks that can be used. Hacks allow you to bend the world to your will, allowing you to erect huge bullet absorbing walls or making you invisible. Mastering hacks is an important part of the game and to win you will need to get to grip with these powers.

If you have yet to play the game or are still getting your teeth into it our Hyper Scape hacks guide will help you get the lowdown on this mechanic.


Hacks in Hyper Scape

Hacks grant you offensive, defensive or movement capabilities. You can carry two hacks at the one time and they are activated by pressing Q or E. You can have any combination of hacks, like weapons they can be upgraded decreasing their cooldown, damage or effectiveness. 


Mine Hack fuse hyper scape hack guide
(Picture: Ubisoft Montreal)


  • Armour - Negates all damage when standing within the circle. You cannot shoot, ads or use any other ability while the Armor Hack is active.
  • Ball - Turn yourself into a bouncing ball. The ball protects you from enemy attack until it is destroyed. Great for moving around at speed.
  • Heal – Heal yourself and teammates in the circled area.
  • Invisibility – Become invisible for a short time. You can not shoot or use other hacks when invisible.
  • Mine – A proximity mine, place it down and when an opponent enters its orbit it will close in on them and explode. 
  • Reveal – Ping an area in front of you revealing any enemies, a warning will alert them of their discovery.
  • Slam – Jump up into the air and slam down with incredible force. Can also be used to stay high in the sky to shoot enemies.
  • Teleport – Allows you to teleport short distances
  • Wall – Build a high wall that will provide ample cover and deny sightlines. Can also be placed while in midair. 


How to fuse hacks in Hyper Scape?

Fusing hacks will increase their effectiveness, there are 5 Tiers for each hack.

Here is how to fuse hacks:

  1. Pick up a hack(usually the easiest part)
  2. When you find a copy of it, pick it up with (F)
  3. Instead of replacing the hack, your hack will fuse with the copy.
  4. You will now have boosted stats for your hack
  5. Repeat up to four times, to reach the highest tier of your chosen hack.


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