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Hyper Scape weapon guide

Get the lowdown of all the weapons in Ubisoft's new battle royale in our Hyper Scape weapons guide
Hyper Scape weapon guide

Few games release with so little information as Hyper Scape has done. Unknown to the gaming community last week, we are now in closed beta with players able to gain access through that increasingly familiar Twitch Drop mechanic. That means every day new players will be joining the virtual world of Neo Acardia and battling it out. 


Hyper Scape Weapon guide, hyperscape gun guide
(Picture: Ubisoft Montreal)


One of the first things many many will do is get their hands on some guns in the training level and see what the gunplay is all about in Hyper Scape, so with that in mind here is a guide the weaponry of Hyper Scape reading this will give you a chance to familiarise yourself with the guns, and their fused up variants, to give yourself the best chance of victory.


Hyper Scape Weapon Guide 

Fans of Apex will feel a certain familiarity with the way guns handle, recoil is minimal, damage output displays as opponents take shots and few guns have one-shot capabilities.

The of guns on offer is also pretty standard-fare, you have your pistol, Deagle-esque sidearm, assault rifles, snipers and some plasma-infused weaponry.

What separates Hyper Scape from other battle royales is the ability to fuse weapons, an upgrade you can perform when you find the identical weapon on the battlefield. At the moment these will upgrade damage and magazine stats, sometimes both, with each gun having five tiers.

Fusing weapons in Hyper Scape is important and it is also very easy to do so we will quickly cover that before moving on to the guns themselves.


How to fuse weapons in Hyper Scape?

Fusing weapons will increase damage and magazine stats in guns, sometimes both, there are 5 tiers for each weapon.

Here is how to fuse weapons:

  1. Pick up a weapon (usually the easiest part)
  2. When you find a copy of it, pick it up with (F)

    Fuse weapons in Hyper Scape


3. Instead of replacing the weapon, your weapon will fuse with the copy.

4. You will now have boosted stats for your weapon.


Weapons of Hyper Scape

In the beta, there are 10 weapons in Hyper Scape, with the only one not listed below is the Baton which players spawn with. This Melee weapon isn't awful but don't expect it to win you many games.


D-Tap: A pistol that has an auto-targeting system, really no reason to ADS with this, point it in the general direction of an opponent and start firing. Base damage is 5hp, fuse up to Tier 5 increase magazine size while a fully fused D-Tap will deal 6hp per shot.

Riot One: A deagle style weapon that deals 26 damage in its standard form. Each fusing up increases damage until Tier 5 where it deals 36hp.


Mammoth MK 1: A pump-action shotgun ideal for close-quarters combat. While it won’t one-shot players, it’s got a relatively low time to kill when firing at short range.

Assault Rifles

Ripper: Hyper Scape's standard assault rifle, 24-round mag and dealing 11hp of damage per shot. Minimal recoil makes this a solid if unspectacular weapon. First four tiers of fusion increase mag size before Tier increases mag size to 36 and damage output to 13hp per shot.  

Hexfire: Okay so this is a Gatling gun and not exactly an assault rifle, huge mag, fast firing and can overpower most opponents by the sheer volume of bullets you will send their way. Similar to the Ripper the first four tiers increases the already considerable magazine before Tier 5 see's a magazine and damage output upgrade.


Hexfire Hyper Scape Weapon and gun guide
The Hexfire has quickly become a favourite for many players. (Picture: Ubisoft Montreal)


Sniper Rifles

Protocol V: Hyper Scape’s only sniper, the Protocol V has the highest damage output in the game with the only weapon with a one-shot kill capability when at maximum fusion. 


Komodo: A plasma rocket launcher that acts more like a carbine rifle, dealing 20 hp per shot at the first tear. Upgrades will increase the mag size before giving extra damage output on Tier 5.

Salvo EPL: A grenade launcher that is great for firing at enemies in enclosed spaces. It doesn't do huge amounts of damage but is perfect to clear out rooms and buildings.

Skybreaker: An extremely powerful rocket launcher especially once fully upgraded, when one of its powerful orb explosives will deal 80 hp of damage, it also has a huge splash damage area so is relatively forgiving. The only downside is the time it takes to fire another shot, would be best to have something with a higher rpm to clean up the kill.


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