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Is Riders Republic available on Xbox Game Pass?

Has Riders Republic found its way to Xbox Game Pass? Here’s what we found so far.
Is Riders Republic available on Xbox Game Pass?

Riders Republic has launched following months of successful PC play days, open betas and the recent Trial Week. As many players are grinding and exploring the vast open-world map of the Republic, some would-be players are wondering if the game is available through Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox’s subscription service has been a hit with players as a way for players to play their favourite games, discover new gaming experiences and more. So, has Ubisoft made Riders Republic available on the service? We investigate.

Is Riders Republic available via Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox players that have an existing Xbox Game Pass subscription would be disappointed to know that Ubisoft has yet to reveal if the game will arrive to the subscription service. As of writing, no confirmation has been forthcoming from the publishers

riders republic cover image extreme sports snowboarding skiing wingsuit flying extreme biking
Riders Republic isn't available in Xbox Game Pass for now. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Nevertheless, if we considered the chance of Riders Republic arriving to Xbox Game Pass at some point post-launch, then the picture looks slightly rosier. Currently, there are a few Ubisoft games, For Honor and Steep, that are available in the Xbox Game Pass library.

However, it may be a possibility following the rumours of the Ubisoft+ subscription service joining the Xbox Game Pass’ Ultimate subscription plan. As such, Xbox players will not only have access to over 100 games via Game Pass but also Ubisoft-published games included in Ubisoft+ including new releases like Riders Republic.

riders republic social group extreme sports snowboarding skiing wingsuit flying extreme biking ubisoft+ rumours xbox game pass
Rumours that Ubisoft+ is coming to Xbox Game Pass has been growing. (Picture: Ubisoft)

The benefit of having Ubisoft+ included with Xbox Game Pass is the extensive catalogue of Ubisoft games added to the service. Games like Assassin’s Creed, the Tom Clancy Collection and Prince of Persia would entice more players to the subscription service.

But until those rumours materialise, Riders Republic will need to be bought, either physically or from the Ubisoft Store or Microsoft/Xbox Store. We'll be sure to update you as soon as more details have been released.


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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.