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Just Cause Mobile Cancelled Before Release

But why?
Just Cause Mobile Cancelled Before Release

Just Cause Mobile has officially been discontinued before it even releases. 

An official statement from an official server for the game reads:

"Today, we have important news about Just Cause Mobile. It is with great sadness that we are announcing the end of development for JUST CAUSE MOBILE. As of tomorrow, 3 July 2023, the game will no longer appear in digital stores. It is never easy to put forth an announcement of this nature, especially to our fans who have been awaiting the release. We sincerely appreciate the support you have given us."

The news comes after several different delays for the game, with the game first announced in December 2020 before getting delayed in July 2021. The game then opened in early access in November 2021, before getting further delayed in December 2022. 

The game would have been the first Just Cause game in over five years, but now there's unlikely to be a new Just Cause game for a while, especially given the fact that Just Cause 4 undersold according to the internal estimations of Square Enix themselves, and was apparently a core reason as to why Square Enix had a low sales period in 2018.