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Killer Frequency - Release Date, Platforms, Plot & Trailer

Killer Frequency is an upcoming slasher-themed horror game set in the '80s. Here's its release date, plot, trailer, and more.
Killer Frequency - Release Date, Platforms, Plot & Trailer

Horror games and comedy don't usually mix, but the upcoming comedy-horror game Killer Frequency from Team17 Software seeks to change that. This thrilling, slasher-themed adventure is set in the '80s and is optimized for VR for the most immersive experience possible.

With its bright environment and unique setting, Killer Frequency offers an interesting and promising spin on the classic horror genre with which most gamers are most familiar. Here's everything we know about Killer Frequency, including its release date, platforms, plot, trailer, and more.

Killer Frequency - Release Date & Platforms

when will killer frequency launch release date
Killer Frequency is a puzzle-based game, releasing on Windows PC sometime in 2022. (Picture: Team17 Software)

There is currently no expected release date for Killer Frequency; however, it is set to launch sometime in 2022 on Steam for Microsoft Windows PC. Unfortunately, there is no console release for Killer Frequency planned at this time.

Killer Frequency - Plot & Storyline

killer frequency plot storyline
Killer Frequency offers a refreshing blend of horror and comedy, two genres that don't usually meet. (Picture: Team17 Software)

In Killer Frequency, the player takes on the role of a quirky character named Forrest Nash, a late-night radio host attempting to solve the puzzle of his callers, who are falling victim to a killer.

Killer Frequency's gameplay will include several puzzles and mysteries as you attempt to figure out who the killer is. 

Players will get to make real-time decisions and explore the world for themselves as they make up their minds and uncover clues.

The developers created the game in only two weeks, suggesting it will be a quick but experimental and interesting play. Beyond this, Killer Frequency is optimized for VR, allowing gamers to be fully immersed in its unique setting.

If you want to learn more about the premise and take a peek at what the game might look like, you can check out the official reveal trailer for Killer Frequency above.

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That's all we currently know about the upcoming comedy-horror game Killer Frequency. However, we'll endeavor to keep you updated as more information about the game is announced.

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Featured image courtesy of Team17 Software.