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Lineage W crossplay and cross-progression: Is there cross-platform support?

Does Lineage W have crossplay and cross-progression between mobile and PC? NCSoft's latest MMORPG is designed with "a global battle community" in mind, but what that means for cross-platform support?
Lineage W crossplay and cross-progression: Is there cross-platform support?

NCSoft, a renowned Korean developer known for their Lineage and Guild Wars series, has just released their most ambitious project yet, the MMORPG Lineage W.

The game was released on 4th November for Android, iOS, and PC (via NCSoft's Purple platform), but at the time of writing it is not yet playable in all regions around the world, as the developers wanted to focus first on East Asia before expanding the game's availability in other regions and continents.

Despite limited availability at launch, NCSoft has ambitious plans for their newest MMO - they want Lineage W to become the first global Lineage phenomenon, as their previous Lineage games were mostly focused on East Asia, in contrast to the Guild Wars franchise, which was designed from the get-go for the western audience.

With "a global battle community" as one of the key buzzwords behind the game's marketing efforts, it seems natural that Lineage W will support both crossplay and cross-progression, so let's check out if that's true or not.

Does Lineage W support cross-platform play?

Lineage W crossplay and cross-progression: Is there cross-platform support?
All of your friends in a single world, no matter on which platforms you play. (Picture: NCSoft)

If you are a PC player who wants to embark on an adventure with his friends who are gaming on mobile, then we have good news for you.

Faithfully to its "global battle community" philosophy, Lineage W features seamless cross-play support across mobile and PC. You don't need to turn some options on or give any permissions, the game is at its core designed as a cross-platform title, where gamers will share a single world no matter if they play on mobile devices or on their desktop computers.

Does Lineage W have cross-progression between mobile and PC?

Lineage W crossplay and cross-progression: Is there cross-platform support?
Lineage W features seamless cross-progression support. (Picture: NCSoft)

We've established that Lineage W inherently supports cross-platform play, and the same goes for cross-progression.

Lineage W introduces a single build for the global market, which means that you will not be locked into a single region or platform. You can seamlessly switch between different platforms without any hindrances, and all your progress, items, unlocks, and other in-game content will be right there, identical on both platforms without any limitations.

In addition, both cross-play and cross-progression will also be available for consoles when Lineage W launches on the Nintendo Switch and PS5 sometime in 2022.


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Feature image courtesy of NCSoft