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Lost Ark server list, regions, weekly reset times

What you need to know about the Lost Ark server reset times, a list of all servers and regions available.
Lost Ark server list, regions, weekly reset times

MMO ARPG Lost Ark, from Slimegate and Amazon Game Studio, is arriving in the West on 11th February 2022, or 8th February if you get a Head Start with early access. Just like any other MMO out there, Lost Ark is best enjoyed with friends, so if you plan to become one of the heroes of Arkesia, jumping into the massive world with one of Lost Ark's exciting classes, then you should know exactly which regions servers will be available in.

In this guide, we share the complete server list for Lost Ark, their regions, and server reset times so you can plan your time in Arkesia with ease.

Lost Ark server list and regions

A server list for an MMO can be of the utmost importance for players, especially if they want to coordinate and play with friends. Lost Ark is no different in this respect.

Lost Ark server list reset times servers regions downtime
Grab some friends and pick a Lost Ark server best suited for your needs. (Picture: Amazon Game Studio)

Remember, Lost Ark servers for all regions will open for launch on Friday, 11th February at 17:00 UTC and players will be able to play for free at this time. However, early access opens on 8th February at 17:00 UTC, at which point the servers will actually go live.

Check out the Lost Ark server list per region below.

EU Central:

  • Neria
  • Kadan
  • Trixion
  • Calvasus
  • Thirain
  • Zinnervale
  • Asta
  • Wei
  • Slen

US East:

  • Azena
  • Una
  • Regulus
  • Avesta
  • Galatur
  • Karta
  • Ladon
  • US West
  • Mari
  • Valtan
  • Enviska

South America:

  • Kazeros
  • Agaton

With the Lost Ark server list per region in hand, you can tell your friends to join a specific server to play together. Keep in mind that the developers might open up even more servers following the game's launch if player numbers demand such action.

Lost Ark server reset times per region

Server reset times (Daily, Weekly, Bosses, Events and more) are per region in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark server list reset times servers regions downtime
Take note of the server reset times before starting a raid. (Picture: Amazon Game Studios)

Both Daily and Weekly resets will be done at 01:00 (or 02:00 depending on DST) as well as the regional time where the server is located. This will also happen after any scheduled server downtime is complete. 

The developers have noted that core content such as dungeons, PvP events and raids will "maintain the best local hours by applying the following times offset calculated from each region's 0 hour". These times are:

  • US West UTC-7
  • US East UTC-4
  • EU Central UTC+1
  • SA East UTC-3

The developers explain how Lost Ark server reset times work:

"This means that a dungeon meant to open at 7PM on server time (UTC) will be open for US West 7 hours later to make it more playable/accessible for US West players. The same goes for every region using the timings listed above.

It is also worth noting that the in-game UI will display server time, not a player’s local machine time. For example, US West will display Pacific time for all players to reflect the server’s time."

It is important to note that Lost Ark server reset times might change slightly following the game's launch. 

So there you have it, the complete server list and regions for Lost Ark in the West, as well the likely reset times for servers in your region.


Featured image courtesy of Amazon Game Studios.