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Marvel's Avengers beta: How to unlock Iron Man and Black Widow

Fans of Marvel’s Avengers might be disappointed to learn that all their favourite heroes aren’t available from the get-go. Here’s how to help the Avengers assemble.
Marvel's Avengers beta: How to unlock Iron Man and Black Widow

When you start up the Marvel’s Avengers beta for the first time, players are treated to the full Avengers team on the main menu. Unfortunately, these characters won’t be around for long, and you’ll have to unlock members of the team again after the events of A-Day.

Marvel Avengers A-Day Black widow Iron man unlock
(Picture: SegmentNext)

The first mission shows off the heavily-marketed disaster of A-Day, the event that kicks off the game’s storyline. Although gamers who have beta access will be able to play as all non-DLC members of the Avengers in this first mission, including Captain America and Thor, that will soon change following the mission’s completion.

The next time we see our heroes, there have been some major changes to the game’s roster. Hulk has a new, more rugged-looking skin, and Kamala Khan A.K.A Ms Marvel is part of the team. And for now, that’s the whole squad.

Unlocking Iron Man and Black Widow

Thankfully, there’s a way to unite the Avengers again. To unlock Iron Man and Black Widow, players will have to complete the next two missions. First, they’ll alternate playing as Hulk and Ms Marvel as the duo head out to recover J.A.R.V.I.S. 

Marvel Avengers how to unlock Iron man and black widow
(Picture: Marvel’s Avengers beta)

After that, Marvel fans get to team up with online players should they wish, in a more open world, in an effort to track down an old S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker. After this is complete, and J.A.R.V.I.S. is fully-restored, Kamala Khan will be told to find the H.A.R.M. training room.

This training room, which allows players to enter wave-based combat and practice their skills with each hero, is found past the crew living quarters, and on the ground floor of the hangar. Once you track the location down, you’ll be taken into a training simulation as Iron Man. Once this is complete, both Black Widow and Iron Man will be unlocked for use in the beta.

Marvel’s Avengers beta begins today and lasts until August 17. The game’s release date is set for September 4.