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Play Metal Hellsinger’s Free Demo Right Now

Try before you buy with a new demo for Metal: Hellsinger, allowing gamers to experience the rhythm-based FPS action for free.
Play Metal Hellsinger’s Free Demo Right Now

A demo for the new rhythm-based FPS, Metal: Hellsinger, is now available, so players can try out the music-based shooter before grabbing the full game.

Developed by The Outsiders and published by Funcom on the 15th of September, Metal: Hellsinger has been gaining significant traction and a wide range of accolades, thanks to its brilliant soundtrack and impressive gameplay.

Get The Metal: Hellsinger Free Demo

Metal hellsinger free demo play on steam PC get
Get the Metal: Hellsinger demo today and start slaying demons! (Picture: Funcom)

Taking on the role of a demon wielding a wide range of weapons, players will face off against a wide range of monsters and will gain bonuses from blasting and slaying them in time with the beat, in style similar to 2020’s BPM: Bullets Per Minute by Awe Interactive.

To get the Metal: Hellsinger demo, you can simply head over to the game's Steam page, scroll down, and click "Download".

Boasting fast gunplay, great visuals, and a jaw-dropping line-up of famous artists from the rock and metal scene, Metal: Hellsinger has already won the 2022 Gamescom Awards for Most Wanted PC Game and Best Action Game and, at the time of writing, sits at a Very Positive rating on the Steam Store, with player reviews at an impressive 99% positive.

The game has also landed well with critics from various publications, with the title currently sitting on a solid Metascore of 79 on Metacritic, based on 38 reviews. We simply can't get enough either.

Metal: Hellsinger also turned heads at the Gamescom Awards thanks to a live performance of much of the game's music, which featured James Dorton and Mikael Stanne performing their respective tracks from the title to show attendees.

Metal hellsinger free demo play on steam PC get
We always thought Doom needed a little bit more metal. (Picture: Funcom)

Speaking on the title in an interview with For The Win, developer David Goldfarb described the game concept as having come to him whilst playing Doom (2016) and listening to metal band Meshuggah, saying that he thought at that moment that “there could be a game” that combined the beat of a song with fast-paced shooting.

We couldn’t agree more!

The full game is now available on all platforms apart from the Switch and is also available as a day one release on the Xbox and PC Game Pass, so you can crank up your speakers and take the fight to the forces of hell today.

Check out our Metal: Hellsinger review below to find out just how fun the game is! 

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Featured image courtesy of Funcom.