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Metal Slug Tactics: Release date, gameplay details, story, and more

Metal Slug will be back again in 2021, with a new tactical game announced by SNK and DotEmu.
Metal Slug Tactics: Release date, gameplay details, story, and more

The legendary run-and-gun franchise from SNK, Metal Slug, will be back again in the spotlight now that a new entry into the series has been revealed as part of the Summer Game Fest, focusing on a whole new experience featuring gameplay similar to strategy games like Fire Emblem.

Metal Slug Tactics will bring a new facet of the iconic shoot 'em up, immersing players into a dynamic tactical RPG with roguelike elements, set in some of the classic environments from many of the games of the franchise.

Metal Slug Tactics: Backstory and development

For this title, SNK has joined forces with DotEmu and Leikir Studio, to create a multiplayer experience where you can use any of the four main characters of the franchise, tasked with defeating everything in your path on maps with Pixel Art aesthetics.

Metal Slug Tactics will mark the return of Donald Morden, who after a long period of hiding from the World Government, carries out a coup, takes power and is finally ready to take revenge on the world with the army assembles.  Enter the Peregrine Falcons, who will have to do everything possible to break through enemy lines and finish off Morden before the war continues to advance.

Metal Slug Tactics: Gameplay and release date

Players will be able to experience the iconic dynamic battles of the saga with a new perspective, adding new systems such as the adrenaline bar that will allow you to unlock super attacks, in addition to being able to accumulate valuable combat experience after each battle and unlock additional weapons or perks to improve the firepower of your team.

Metal Slug Tactics Gameplay(Picture: SNK / DotEmu)

You can also launch simultaneous attacks against your targets with the synchronization mechanic to inflict massive damage to enemies, as well as use the skills obtained in the battles in which you obtain the victory to finish off your enemies.

Metal Slug Tactics will be available during 2022 on Nintendo Switch and PC. You can check more about it and add it to your wishlist through its page on Steam.