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How to begin Expedition 6 - Blighted in No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky provides some edge-of-your-seat survival gameplay, here's a guide for how to complete Expedition 6 - Blighted.
How to begin Expedition 6 - Blighted in No Man's Sky

With the brand new Outlaws update in No Man's Sky, players can begin a new journey into Expedition 6: Blighted. Pirates are the main theme this time around, and you'll be able to earn some new rewards that coincide with the Outlaw theme.

Expeditions themselves were released in a previous update, and they offer some streamlined adventures that task players with a list of milestones. Each expedition is limited and can typically be tied to the new update in which they were added. As the name of the latest expedition suggests, this is the sixth entry into the game.

No Man's Sky - Starting Expedition 6 - Blighted

no mans sky expedition menu
Use the new game menu to find the expeditions. (Picture: YouTube / Xaine's World)

To start Expedition 6: Blighted in No Man's Sky, you'll need to head to the main menu of the game. These adventures are self-contained to some degree, and attempting them from your main save or character won't work here.

In the main menu, open up the new game options where a few different selections will be listed. These include survival modes, permadeath, and the Community Expeditions tab all the way to the right. Hold down the confirmation on this tab and you'll be transported through a space screen to the beginning of the expeditions.

Within the expedition, there is a set of milestones that must be completed to finish the adventure overall. They are essentially a list of objectives that range in difficulty and can technically be completed in any order that you decide. Completing each one will give access to a new reward, such as the Outlaw Cape or the Wayward Cube.

Overall, the community will have about 6 weeks to complete Expedition 6: Blighted. That seems like plenty of time now, but the expedition will take most players a few hours at least, so it's best to jump on it soon if you want the new rewards based on the Outlaws.

What to expect in Expedition 6 - Blighted

no mans sky expedition 6
Starting the expedition will spawn players into the story. (Picture: YouTube / Tolakram)

These self-contained adventures are always a bit more narratively driven, and they give a good outlook on what to expect in the main update. Expedition 6 is named Blighted after the pirate faction known as the blight. The Outlaws update is all about revamped pirates within No Man's Sky, and this new adventure introduces the concept even further.

The goal of Expedition 6 is to stay on the tail of The Blight faction as they retrieve their own mysterious treasure. Overall, it's a classic treasure hunt that will mix all kinds of gameplay in one story for players to complete.

That's all there is to know about the latest expedition. Best of luck in completing the milestones!


Featured image courtesy of Hello Games.