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How to Get Hex Cores in No Man's Sky 2022

Hex Cores can still be found in No Man's Sky and they can be decent options for Quicksilver resources, check out this guide for how to get them.
How to Get Hex Cores in No Man's Sky 2022

Hex Cores have been a part of No Man's Sky for a long time now, and they still remain one of the many ways to earn some Quicksilver within the game. At this point in 2022, there are a few different ways that the cores can be obtained.

In No Man's Sky, there are a bunch of different curiosities that players can earn as they explore the open universe. Hex Cores happen to be one of those curiosities, which classifies them as an item used for special purposes rather than as pure resources. They may not be the most valuable curiosity, but it doesn't hurt to collect some.

No Man's Sky 2022 - How to get Hex Cores

no mans sky hex cores
Use Hex Cores for resale at vendors. (Picture: YouTube / Petreak's World)

At this point in No Man's Sky, there is the main method of earning Hex Cores in the game. The most consistent method is based on finding Anomalous Fauna, a more rare type of creature that you can find as you explore new planets.

Anomalous Fauna can only be found in biomes that are considered exotic. These biomes and planets are typically rocky and have a ton of hex-based structures when looked at from space. Additionally, these worlds will have plenty of mysterious items, such as curiosities.

When searching for creatures, the Anomalous Fauna will usually blend in with their biome, and they can be scanned to confirm. Taking out any Anomalous Fauna will reward you with 2 Hex Cores to turn in or save.

Black Market Vendors will also have cores available for purchase at times, but this is random. You'll have to go from vendor to vendor, or wait out their inventory, and hope for the cores. Taking out the Anomalous Fauna or getting an Anomaly Iteration as a gift are better methods.

Hex Core community research events in No Man's Sky

no mans sky hex core inventory
Community research could fill up the inventory. (Picture: YouTube / Chino Gaming)

In the past, there have been community research tasks that players could take on to earn a ton of Hex Cores. This task, in particular, was labeled as Community Research (Week 1) and it sent players on a mission to search for Buried Technology Modules.

These could be run multiple times to fill up inventory space with cores. Taking these cores to Specialist Polo would provide the player with Quicksilver in return. While the effects may not be as high for Quicksilver in 2022, the cores are still used for sales alone.

That's all the information on Hex Cores in the 2022 version of No Man's Sky!


Featured image courtesy of Hello Games.