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Petition calls for PlayStation Plus May 2020 free games lineup change

Thousands of gamers sign a petition to get the disappointing PlayStation Plus May 2020 free games lineup altered

The PlayStation Plus May 2020 free games lineup is disappointing. Everyone and their cat can create a petition if something doesn't sit right, and now, thousands of gamers are signing a petition to get the PlayStation Plus May 2020 free games lineup changed.

It is one of the worst months in recent memory for the service, and it even lost out to Xbox Games with Gold in our "which is best" series.


PlayStation Plus May 2020 Petition


The PlayStation Plus May 2020 free games lineup isn't as great as what we've come to expect. It features two niche titles, one of which feels like watching paint dry when you play it. We are, of course, talking about Farming Simulator 19. 

The PlayStation Plus May petition is addressed to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, and describes the lineup as "dumbfounding", calling for an alteration to the lineup.

At the time of writing, roughly 15,000 gamers have signed the petition, and it is growing by the minute.

The PlayStation Plus May petition reads:

"After the much-anticipated leak surrounding Dark souls remastered and Dying light 1,000's of PlayStation enthusiasts were pumped and hyped looking forward to the best PS Plus lineup in a long time only to be left dumbfounded and forlorn with what seems like a late April fool's joke in the form of Farming simulator 19 and some rip-off of sim city.

Until then PSPlus subscribers will be forced to continue feeling let down. Left in the dark when they needed "good games" the most. Saddened and bewildered in a Lock-down nightmare growing CORN!"

While early rumours suggested Dying Light and Dark Souls Remastered would from the free games lineup for May, one should never get your hopes up due to rumours.

However, it is very clear the PlayStation Plus May lineup leaves a lot to be desired.

Some might think signing a petition is a waste of time, but then again, Sony has made changes to a lineup in the past, as they replaced PES 2019 with Detroit: Become Human in July 2019.

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