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Every Pickleball Video Game Available in 2023

If you just can't get enough on the court, check out all the best pickleball video games available in 2023.
Every Pickleball Video Game Available in 2023

While pickleball rises in popularity as a sport across the United States, the jam-packed genre of sports video games may still have some catching up to do. There may not be a Madden or FIFA of pickleball in gaming, but that doesn't mean pickleball fans don't have any options.

Here, we'll take a look at every pickleball video game you could dive into throughout 2023. Fortunately, that includes an upcoming release that has a chance to be the best pickleball video game of all time.

All Pickleball Video Games Available in 2023

Pickleball Video Games

While massive sports like basketball or baseball have their own branded sports video game powerhouse, the same isn't true for the budding (and rising) sport of pickleball. As interest continues to grow, demand from enthusiasts who just can't get enough of pickleball on the court comes along with it.

Some titles feel very pickleball adjacent, especially arcade tennis offerings like Mario Tennis, but when it comes to the pure pickleball experience there are only a few options available. Fortunately, they're spread across a variety of platforms.

Playin Pickleball (Meta Quest / Quest 2 / Quest Pro VR)

The first pickleball video game some players may want to look at is Playin Pickleball, a VR game that first arrived in December 2022. Players will need the Meta Quest, Quest 2, or Quest Pro VR in order to dive in and get their virtual pickleball needs met.

While VR won't be everyone's primary choice, players who do enjoy it will get the closest experience possible outside of an actual pickleball court. The scoring, rules, and gameplay all aim to be as accurate as possible for players in an offering reminiscent of the Wii Sports era.

Pickleball: Smash (PC / PS4 / PS5 / Switch / Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S)

Next up we have a game that hasn't quite arrived, but it's arguably the most promising of this bunch. Set for a worldwide release date on October 24, 2023 that'll put it on all platforms, Pickleball: Smash is finally bringing the fastest growing sport in America to your console.

You'll be able to dive into a single player or multiplayer experience with tournament brackets, customization, and even exciting minigames. Even without it having arrived, Pickleball: Smash looks poised to become a go-to choice for pickleball gamers.

Super Pickleball Adventure (Web Browser)

One of our final choices is perhaps going to feel like a throwback to older players. If you remember the days of flash games in your web browser, rest assured they never actually left. Super Pickleball Adventure is an indie webgame created by developer Andrew Murray.

Players are challenged to find and defeat several Pickleball Lords, and the game is full of fun arcade chaos like ninjitsu and teleportation techniques. You can play Super Pickleball Adventure on a variety of webgame sites including Newgrounds and Itch.

Pickleball Mobile Games (iOS / Google Play)

Lastly, it's worth at least mentioning that there are a handful of mobile offerings for pickleball lovers on both iOS and Google Play. Pocket Pickleball is available on Google Play, but the release from earlier this year hasn't gotten enough attention to garner reviews indicating how good it might be.

There is a free to play Ultimate PickleBall game on iOS, but it has mostly negative reviews. Players willing to go for a similar mobile offering may want to try Paddle Clash: Arcade Pong 2D, which has a 4.7 on the App Store following 274 ratings and blends tennis and pickleball vibes with a variety of silly arcade fun.