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Madden 24 Roster Update (Week 2): All Ratings Changes, Release Time & Predictions

Get ready for ratings to be on the move in the weekly Madden 24 roster update.
Madden 24 Roster Update (Week 2): All Ratings Changes, Release Time & Predictions

As the NFL season steamrolls forward, the weekly Madden 24 roster update will be a staple once again this year. With controversy always abound as Madden 24 ratings are something fans will constantly disagree about, the regular Madden 24 roster update seeks to fix that. With their real-world NFL performances in mind, ratings will be on the move every week when the latest standouts (and slumps) come home to roost. You'll find regular predictions here and a running list of the top ratings changes in every single Madden 24 roster update.

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When is the next Madden 24 Roster Update?

Unlike the regularity that we usually see out of something like the Madden 24 Team of the Week drops, the Madden 24 roster update brings a bit more uncertainty to the table. Most weeks, the Madden 24 roster update will arrive on Thursday afternoon.

Unfortunately, exact time isn't known as EA Sports has a tendency to stray from the schedule when it comes to the weekly roster update. With the next week of NFL action set to kickoff later in the evening, the Madden 24 roster update will usually be live by approximately 6pm ET on Thursdays.

They do occasionally drop early reveals on Twitter teasing specific players that saw a ratings boost, but only the full drop signals their database has been updated with all the changes. You can check the Madden 24 Ratings Database here to see all the launch ratings, and it will include every roster update this year after they go live.

Time Until Next Madden 24 Roster Update
3 days, 06:51:58

Madden 24 Roster Update Week 2 Predictions

If you want to know who might have a shot at seeing their Madden 24 ratings on the rise, the best sign is looking at the players dominating highlight reels coming out of the weekend's NFL games. However, there's also the chance that players with abysmal performances could see their ratings slide.

On top of all of that, there's the ineffable Madden Ratings Adjustor factor to consider. Some players seem to fall through the cracks every year, and others get seemingly inexplicable boosts at times. It's impossible to know exactly how things will shake out until the Madden 24 roster update is released, but we can keep in mind who delivered well enough to deserve a ratings increase.

Here's a look at who we think should be included this week, along with a few stats to back up our predictions:

Kirk Cousins QB Minnesota Vikings
  • 364 Passing Yards
  • 4 Touchdown Passes
D'ande Swift RB Philadelphia Eagles
  • 175 Rushing Yards
  • 1 Touchdown
T.J. Hockenson TE Minnesota Vikings
  • 66 Recorded Yards
  • 2 Touchdowns
Keenan Allen WR LA Chargers
  • 111 Receiving Yards
  • 2 Touchdowns
Puka Nacua WR LA Rams
  • 111 Receiving Yards
Raheem Mostert RB Miami Dolphins
  • 121 Rushing Yards
  • 2 Touchdowns
Brandon Aubrey K Dallas Cowboys
  • 5 Field Goals
  • Including a 55-yarder!

Madden 24 Ratings Changes from Every Roster Update

If you want to see a more detailed breakdown of the big movers and shakers from the roster each week, you can check out the Madden 24 Ratings Database to see exact attributes and keep track of changes throughout the season.

Alternatively, follow the links below for our complete breakdown of each week: