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PS5 and Xbox Series X game showcases could be coming in May, claims insider

As E3 and other major gaming events are cancelled, sources have claimed big reveal presentations for the PS5 and Xbox Series X could be happening as soon as May.
PS5 and Xbox Series X game showcases could be coming in May, claims insider

While June has historically been the month for big new gaming announcements due to E3, it seems this year we could be getting information a lot sooner. 

E3 2020’s cancellation has led to developers like Microsoft and Ubisoft to host their own upcoming digital events at an unspecified date, but according to renowned industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, many of the planned showcases will be scattered over the coming months. 

Posting on Twitter, Ahmad claimed a lot of the planned reveals are now “much earlier” and “others much later” than the traditional E3 week in June. 

He also claimed “the first proper next gen console/games showcase is much earlier too” - although without specifying which company it would be. 

While it’s important to remember this hasn’t been confirmed, it could potentially point to either Sony or Microsoft making a big splash in May with their new consoles. 

While the Xbox Series X has already been revealed, there’s plenty of details we don’t know about yet like pricing - with their highly-anticipated launch title Halo Infinite also expected to be showcased at some point. 

Sony however have held their cards closer to their chest, only revealing the new DualSense controller so far and some specifications in a somewhat clumsy manner.

Considering Sony have the upper-hand as the market leader at the moment, it’s perhaps likely Microsoft’s big showcase could happen first - especially if they want to secure pre-orders ahead of their rival.

Following E3’s cancellation, Gamescom in August was cancelled last week - with a digital event set to take place instead.