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Puma teases collab with Animal Crossing New Horizons

Puma and Nintendo have announced a new collaboration, based on the acclaimed title Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Puma teases collab with Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is set to get an unexpected collaboration with sportswear manufacturer Puma.

Through its social accounts, the German brand revealed an unexpected teaser, marking a new alliance between Nintendo with another clothing manufacturer, as with Levi's and their Super Mario and Pokémon collections.

Details of this new collection have already been leaked through sites like Sneaker Freaker, showing the first look at a special edition Wild Rider, one of three shoes that will be part of a unique footwear line inspired by the Nintendo Switch title.

As you can see below, the shoes share the aesthetic of pastel colours from the game, featuring light blue and green tones. These will also come with subtle designs from some of the Animal Crossing villagers, coming in two different colour patterns.

Puma Animal Crossing shoes
These shoes feature a reimagined design with natural colours and graphics from the game. (Picture: Sneaker Freaker)

To complement these, some clothing items in the collection have also been revealed, starting with a sweatshirt that will be loved by fans of the franchise, as it’s loaded with the faces of many characters from the game.

Puma Animal Crossing shoes
This sweatshirt is perfect for all those fans of the game's villagers. (Picture: Sneaker Freaker)

Last but not least, a pastel green t-shirt was also unveiled, covered by the iconic leaf from to the game's logo, bearing the Puma brand emblem all around it as well.

Puma Animal Crossing shoes
With a simple but cool pattern, this t-shirt will also be available as part of this collection. (Picture: Sneaker Freaker)

Unfortunately, details on the tentative pricing and release date of this new collab aren’t available yet but don’t worry, as we'll share you all as soon as these are released.

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Header image via Sneaker Freaker.