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Resident Evil 8 - Five things we want to see from Capcom

We discuss the five things we would love to see from Capcom in Resident Evil 8, including a first-person perspective, Virtual Reality, survival-horror mechanics and more
Resident Evil 8 - Five things we want to see from Capcom

Capcom is undoubtedly the king of horror games, with the incredibly Resident Evil 7, followed by the award-winning Resident Evil 2 Remake and the Resident Evil 3 Remake. A recent leak has suggested Capcom will reveal Resident Evil 8 soon, and the game will take some serious thematic departures from the franchise.

In anticipation of the reveal, here are five things we would love to see in the next Resident Evil game. Let's dig in, shall we...

Please note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are that of the writer. Some Resident Evil 7 spoilers follow below.

Perspective Matters

Before the launch of Resident Evil 7, there were outcries from series fans about the first-person perspective. While this might be an unpopular opinion for the Biohazard purists out there, we would love to see Resident Evil 8 using the first-person perspective once again.

Resident Evil 7, with its departure from the third-person perspective, saved the franchise. Sure, it is a bold statement to make, but if you take a look at the last two mainline entries, RE5 and RE6, a drastic change was needed.

If Resident Evil 8 continues along the lines of Resident Evil 7, it would make for an amazing experience. The first-person perspective just pushes the level of fear to a whole new level. There is a feeling of a real presence in all the environments, and scenes. It is something you simply can't achieve with a third-person view.

There is a different level of engagement and outstanding horror set-piece possibilities with the first-person perspective. A prime example of this is when Ethan in Resident Evil 7 lost his hand, and got it reattached. This was one of the most horrifying and brilliant moments in the series, and we just want more of it.

Resident Evil 8 Capcom
This might hurt a bit (Picture: Capcom)

Ethan's Return

In Resident Evil 8, we don't want to see a supercop or an enhanced soldier as the protagonist. Instead, we want an everyday person, someone we can relate to. When you can relate to a protagonist, fear reaches new levels of intensity as you play the game. This is because the player can identify with the main character much easier.

The latest leaks suggest we will see the return of Ethan Winters, the protagonist of Resident Evil 7. We already know Ethan, an American system's engineer, survived the events of Resident Evil 7, as he was transported out of dodge on an "Umbrella" helicopter. Nothing would make us happier than to see Ethan return in Resident Evil 8.

Ethan doesn't have to be the only protagonist. He could be joined by his wife Mia Winters, or someone entirely new. In Resident Evil 7, you had a choice to either save Zoe of Mia. If you chose to save Mia by giving her the serum, she will survive the ordeal and receive medical treatment onboard the helicopter with Ethan. If Capcom chooses this ending as canon, Mia could very well be by Ethan's side in Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil 8 Capcom Ethan Winters
A husband and wife reunites... (Picture: Capcom)

Virtual Horror

If it wasn't for Half-Life: Alyx, Resident Evil 7 would still wear the crown as the best Virtual Reality (VR) experience out there. Playing Resident Evil 7 in VR is a mind-bending, heart-racing experience no gamer with a VR headset should miss out on.

With a first-person perspective and the success of Resident Evil 7's VR experience, there is little doubt Resident Evil 8 will have an option to play it entirely in VR. While Capcom is yet to officially confirm the existence of Resident Evil 8, and share any details, we would simply love to see another horrifying VR experience from the developer.

If Resident Evil 7's VR experience is anything to go by, we will be preparing to play Resident Evil 8 in 2021 by looking for good deals on a pack of adult diapers in anticipation for the game's release.

Resident evil 8 capcom VR
Lights, camera, VR! (Picture: Capcom)

Puzzles Galore

While the Resident Evil 3 Remake is pretty great, it lacks two things: Story length and puzzles. The former probably won't be an issue with Resident Evil 8, considering the length of Resident Evil 7. The latter, however, is something we seriously want to see in spades in Resident Evil 8.

Puzzles are, for the most part, a staple of the franchise. For Resident Evil 8, we want to see dozens of intricate puzzles. These puzzles could include environmental ques, or even go as far using the environment in ways we've never seen in the franchise. For example, using environmental objects (chopping down a tree), and sucking petrol out of a vehicle's tank to create a fire before freezing to death.

We would also love to see timers on some puzzles, so there is always this sense of urgency. It would be great if puzzles in Resident Evil 8 isn't just to progress or get a new weapon attachment. Instead, they should push the survival-horror aspect even further.

Resident Evil 8 puzzles
Resident Evil 2 sure had some great puzzles (Picture: Capcom)


Resident Evil 8 shouldn't be too action-orientated. Instead, it should follow the survival-horror formula, where every enemy is daunting, and every bullet counts. This is where the franchise shines, giving the player limited resources to work with. It is a must for Resident Evil 8, and we hope to see the survival-horror aspect in full force.

Limited inventory space, combined with limited resources, should make for an exciting experience. This will satisfy fans of the first titles while giving newcomers a taste of what Resident Evil is all about.

With Resident Evil 8, Capcom doesn't have to go back to the drawing board. Instead, great survival-horror mechanics should be the focus of gameplay. They can even add weather effects on the player character, for example, needing to get out of the cold or find a fireplace to avoid frostbite.

The recent leak already suggests Ethan exploring a snowy village, so it isn't a stretch to assume the weather will play a role in Resident Evil 8. Capcom could very well implement a variety of environmental factors to amp up the survival-horror aspect. We definitely hope they do.

Surviving in RE8 shouldn't be easy (Picture: Capcom)

Closing Thoughts

We are all excited to see what Capcom has in store for us with Resident Evil 8. The points in this article should be seen as our wishlist for the next entry in the iconic horror franchise. Some might not agree with the first-person perspective, but that is a matter of personal preference. Hopefully, we will hear more about Resident Evil 8 soon, and what exactly the leaks mean by thematic departures from the series.