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Resident Evil Village: Capcom confirm Lady Dimitrescu's height

After an overwhelmingly positive reception to the latest entry in the Resident Evil franchise, the developers have confirmed one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Village.
Resident Evil Village: Capcom confirm Lady Dimitrescu's height

Ever since Resident Evil Village was revealed, fans were captivated by one of the main antagonists of the upcoming survival horror developed by Capcom -- Lady Dimitrescu, or Tall Vampire Lady as she's more commonly known. 

Her imposing figure has prompted plenty of fans to ask a simple, yet seemingly impossible question to answer, and that's "how tall is Vampire Lady?" Well, now we have an answer thanks to Tomonori Takano, art director of RE VIII.

How tall is Vampire Lady/Lady Dimitrescu?

Via a social media post, Takano thanked fans for the initial positive reception Village, which is set to release this May, has received, before giving a straight answer to the question on everyone's mind. 

tall lady height official
(Image: Capcom)

Simply put, Tall Vampire Lady, Lady Dimitrescu, or whatever you wish to call her is 2.9m tall, approximately, 9'6''. Now, this comes with a caveat, as Takano confirmed this includes both her heels and hat.

There you have it, no more speculation or unconfirmed rumours, now fans can focus on trying to make it out of Dimitrescu's creepy-looking mansion in one piece.

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