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Returnal: How to use the Reconstructor

The Reconstructor is a bit of an enigma in Returnal but there’s a clear way of using it.
Returnal: How to use the Reconstructor

The developers at Housemarque Studios decided to leave much of Returnal’s in-game objects up to the imagination. There are many items in the game that are simply not explained, forcing the player to figure out what each item is by themselves. 

The Reconstructor is one such object. It’s a huge device that glows ominously and looks rather important. However, many players have no idea what it is when they first see it. All they see is a cut-out of an alien-like creature in a door and want to know what it is. 

Well, today we’re going to go over what the Reconstructor is, how to use it and where to find it in Returnal.

Finding and using the Reconstructor in Returnal 

The Reconstructor is found through a special type of door in Returnal, but not one that leads players to progress of the main story. Instead, this door leads to side rooms that contain new gadgets, like the Reconstructor.

These doors are triangular, not rectangular like the ones that lead to new levels for the main part of your runs.

returnal reconstructor doorsThe Reconstructor in Returnal. (Picture: Housemarque)

Once going through the triangular door, players might stumble upon the huge device that has an alien-like cut-out and circular frame. To enter the Reconstructor, players need to pay a small amount of Ether and then hop in. After a few seconds, you’ll hop out and it will appear as nothing has happened. 

However, when you die next, you’ll learn what the Reconstructor did for your character. Instead of spawning back to where you started the game, you’ll spawn at the last Reconstructor you used. This saves players a huge amount of time and effort, as you don’t have to slog through areas you’ve already beaten. 

You can use this machine as much as you like but you’ll always spawn at the last one you used. It’s definitely worth the Ether if you don’t want to completely restart the cycle during a run.