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Rollerdrome Preview - Climb The Leaderboard To Become The Champion

Here are my first impressions of Rollerdrome, a new third-person action skater shooter game coming to PC and PlayStation on August 16.
Rollerdrome Preview - Climb The Leaderboard To Become The Champion

Rollerdrome is an upcoming third-person shooter single-player game that will release on August 16, 2022. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 and brings a combination of skating and action along with eye-popping cinematics. 

The game is set in 2030 Matterhorn corporation is distracting the public with this new blood sport called Rollerdrome and your goal is to become its champion and uncover the mysteries behind the corporation's true intentions.

I got the chance to try Rollerdrome, and after playing it for an immense number of hours, here are my preview impressions regarding the same. 

Rollerdrome: A Unique Blend for Action and Hardcore Sports Games Fans

Rollerdrome will take you to 70s with the disco beats. (Picture: Private Division)
Rollerdrome will take you to 70s with the disco beats.

Right off the bat, it's imminent how unique Rollerdrome's gameplay mechanics are. It's unlike anything that's out there, mixing in over-the-top rollerskating and visceral shooting.

While it seems simple, Rollerdrome's combat may take some time to get used to, especially since there are so many tricks to master. Thankfully, the movements and controls are tight and precise, and once you get the feel of it, you will end up sinking a healthy amount of hours into it.

Rollerdrome's cell-shaded visuals are provocative, and it syncs perfectly with its rhythmic '70s disco beats, which makes it a much more immersive experience.


While a sports game at its core, Rollerdrome is quite a cinematic experience that reaches its peaks when you're jumping and rolling and shooting, all at the same time. Progression in Rollerdrome involves climbing up the global leaderboard, which you do by completing various challenges and scoring well in the game. 


It's all fun and game though I do wish there was some sort of multiplayer mode to back up the underlying gameplay experience. Given how satisfying the combat is, not offering a multiplayer mode feels like a missed opportunity in Rollerdrome. 

Leaderboards in Rollerdrome.
Leaderboards in Rollerdrome. (Picture: Private Division)

Outside of its overwhelming controls, Rollerdrome is a pretty smooth experience, especially when it comes to its performance. The build I got to try ran pretty well not just on a high-end system but on a budget PC as well. In my playthrough, I didn't feel any major stutter or lag.

There is a detailed tutorial to get you through the basics, which includes performing tricks. While I recommend you go through it, you can also skip it and jump to the campaign directly.

2030 Championship in Rollerdrome.
2030 Championship in Rollerdrome. (Picture: Private Division)

You begin by playing through the opening stages of the 2030 Championship, in which your goal is to complete a given set of tasks to proceed to the next level, all the while trying to score the highest among all the players on the leaderboard.

These challenges include dodging attacks, collecting combo tokens, and performing various tricks, while killing opponents possessing different weaknesses and strengths using weapons.


Your character will have limited health as you roll and shoot your way through. If it goes down to 0%, it's game over. However, the good news is that you won't have to complete all the challenges all over again. 

Your weapon will have a limited amount of ammo, and to recharge it, you will have to perform various tricks like Front Flip, Grind Trick, etc., and dodge attacks. 
Once you complete all the campaign challenges, you will unlock the Out For Blood mode, which is designed for players who want to push themselves beyond the limit.

Overall, Rollerdrome feels like a fresh and satisfying roller-shooter experience despite its hard-to-get-used-to controls and notorious challenges. It's too early to predict how the full game experience would be through the first few hours have certainly got me hooked enough to see it through the end. 

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Featured image courtesy of Private Division.