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Rollerdrome - Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, More

Get ready for an experience you've never had before with Rollerdrome as we check out its release date, gameplay, trailer, and more.
Rollerdrome - Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, More

A new and interesting game called Rollerdrome is set to release later this year and is a unique hybrid between third-person action and sports-themed rollerblading. If this sounds like a cool concept to you and you'd like to know more then look no further.

Below we will be going through everything you need to know about the upcoming title Rollerdrome. From its release date, gameplay, trailer, and much more.

Rollerdrome Release Date, Platforms, and Trailer

The release date for the new and quite possibly addictive-looking title Rollerdrome is 16th August 2022. This data comes directly from the trailer for the game, which you can check out below, and looks like a real treat we can look out for among the games releasing in the latter half of the year.

If you're considering trying the game out (and honestly, who isn't) then you'll be glad to know you can pick the game up on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam for PC. The game is available to add to your Steam wishlist now, and according to the developers, the game will likely be made available on other platforms around February of 2023.

Rollerdrome Gameplay and Plot

Rollerdrome Release Date Gameplay Trailer More Gameplay unique fusion rollerblading third person action
Rollerdrome is a unique blend of third person actions and rollerblading. (Picture: Private Division)

As mentioned previously, Rollerdrome is quite the unique title when it comes to its unintuitive combination of gameplay mechanics which “seamlessly blends high-octane combat with fluid motion to create an action experience like no other.” The game's art style is also unique, and is vaguely reminiscent of Borderlands, with a more drawn-in art style depicting the high speeds and bloody action.

Players can use a variety of different weapons and tools as they make their way around different arenas, battling enemies who can be simply firing back at you or dawn mechanized robots with rocket launchers. It seems it's up to the player to decide how to deal with these threats using their skating skills to earn kills and dominate the competition.

Rollerdrome Release Date Gameplay Trailer More unravel mysterious plot story
Rolledrome also has a mysterious plot for players to unravel in between the action. (Picture: Private Division)

The game sees your character take on various challenges in the arena on your way to becoming the Rollerdrome champion, but this is only one aspect of the game. As there is also an overarching story in Rollerdrom that is set in a distinct retro-future universe, set in the year 2030, that will push you to “unravel the mysteries behind the Matterhorn corporation’s true intentions."

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Featured image courtesy of Private Division.