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As Dusk Falls Crossplay, Cross-Platform Support, And Invite Codes

Set up for the multiplayer experience of As Dusk Falls with our guide explaining how to use invite codes, cross-play, and cross-platform support.
As Dusk Falls Crossplay, Cross-Platform Support, And Invite Codes

If you're enjoying As Dusk Falls, then chances are you'll likely want to try to play the game in a multiplayer setup. And experience the unique gameplay of voting to make decisions and each person getting to complete QTEs (Quick time events).

There are a few things to consider when setting up a multiplayer session of As Dusk falls, such as the crossplay, cross-platform support, and using invite codes to play together. So if you're considering doing so, then read on to find out everything you need to know.

As Dusk Falls Crossplay and Cross-Platform Support

As Dusk Falls Cross Platform Support
As Dusk Falls supports Crossplay and Cross-Platform capabilities for all Xbox devices and mobile. (Picture: Xbox Game Studios)

As Dusk Falls currently support both crossplay and cross-platform playability on all Xbox consoles, PC, and if you are playing using the companion app. This falls in line with Microsoft's recent venture into ensuring their games have full crossplay and cross-platform compatibility as seen in the recent Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite.

Setting up crossplay requires the standard setup of using invite codes to invite players into your game. This means you don't need to do any matchmaking or log into any accounts as long as the person you wish to play with has been given your generated code.

For players using the mobile companion app, you'll still need t be playing the game on either an Xbox or PC as all the app does is create a replacement for the controller or mouse and keyboard. But once you have joined the game, you can switch back to the mobile app as your controller input using the generated code from the main menu.

As Dusk Falls Invite Codes

As Dusk Falls Invite Codes
As Dusk Falls uses an easy-to-share invite code to add players to your game. (Picture: Xbox Game Studios)

To play the game online and invite friends with your code, you need to head to the main menu and press the "Go Online" Button. Once done, this will ensure you have an established connection to your online profile and you will be given an auto-generated code.

You can then share this code with your friends and have them join in your game. Though it is worth noting you can only invite up to eight players to open your game using the invite codes, it is also possible to share this code with friends on your Xbox or Steam friends list and add them to the game almost instantly.

This process works the same for players using the mobile companion app, and they simply need to select the "Join Game" option. From there, they can enter the pairing code that is found on the top right of the games lobby to join in on the fun and use their mobile device to vote on choices and complete QTEs.

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Featured image courtesy of Xbox Game Studios.