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Saints Row customisation breakdown - Characters, weapons, vehicles, more

Deep Silver Volition has finally given us an in-depth look at customisation in the upcoming Saints Row. Here's a breakdown of everything we know.
Saints Row customisation breakdown - Characters, weapons, vehicles, more

Deep Silver Volition has finally given us an in-depth look at the various customisation options available in the upcoming Saints Row reboot. The five-minute-long gameplay trailer is our first look at character customisation, weapon customisation, vehicle customisation and empire customisation in the game.

Suffice it to say, the Saints Row team seems to be firing all cylinders when it comes to customisation, and rightly so, since customisation has always been a huge part of Saints Row games. With that said, here's our breakdown of everything customisable in the upcoming Saints Row title.

Saints Row customisation breakdown

character customisation saints row
Saints Row has a wide array of character customisation options. (Picture: Deep Silver Volition)

Saints Row games have always allowed players to create whacky weird characters and the upcoming Saints Row seems no different. In fact, it seems to have cranked up the wackiness by a substantial amount, giving players more freedom to craft the Saints boss of their choice.

While players will still find the usual character customisation options like head, hair, face, body, tattoos, etc, they will notice an extensive amount of choices inside every one of these options. For instance, players can now choose the material of their clothes alongside a new "Cutting Edge" attribute that will allow them to select some bizarre designs for the upper body attire. The new Saints Row also lets players equip socks because why not.

Vehicle Customisation in Saints Row

vehicle customisation saints row
Vehicle customisation in the latest Saints Row is the most extensive in the series' history. (Picture: Deep Silver Volition)

Since its reveal, Deep Silver Volition has assured fans that vehicle customisation in the new Saints Row will be unlike anything seen before in the series.

It's safe to say that this is indeed a huge step up from the past Saints Row games. Players can collect and customise over 80 vehicles, ranging from bikes, cars, boats, helicopters, monster trucks, and more.

 Players can customise every aspect of a vehicle, from applying new paint jobs to body mods and upgrade kits to improve the performance of the vehicles. Players can also attach a towing cable to their vehicles for some reason. Every vehicle will also have a signature ability like jump or infinite boost though we do not whether they are upgradable or not.

Weapon customisation in Saints Row

weapon customisation saints row
You can even change the material type of your weapon in Saints Row. (Picture: Deep Silver Volition)

Similar to character customisation, weapon customisation is significantly overhauled in the new Saints Row. Players can choose the colour of the individual parts of the weapon. Similar to clothes, players can also select the material for weapons though doing so will disable some other customisation options like colour and patterns.

If these weren't enough, players can swap the whole model of their weapons. From packing an RPG into a guitar case, there are a ton of different ways to mix and match and stylise weapons.

Empire Customisation in Saints Row

empire customisation saints row
Building and customising your Empire will be the heart of Saints Row experience. (Picture: Deep Silver Volition)

Last but not least, players can build and customise their entire Saints Empire. The Empire will be players' home base and they can unlock more customisation options as the Saints grow in power. Unfortunately, that's all we really got to know about the Empire customisation.

The Empire will be the heart of the Saints Row experience, so there's a chance that Volition would showcase Empire customisation in more detail in a different showcase.

That pretty much concludes everything we know so far about customisation in Saints Row. Make sure to check our video game section for more news, guides, and features from all your favourite titles.


Featured image courtesy of Deep Silver Volition.