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How To Get Money Fast In Saints Row 2022

Getting money fast will be at the forefront of any criminal's mind. So here's how to get it quickly in Saints Row 2022.
How To Get Money Fast In Saints Row 2022

The Saints Row Reboot 2022 was released on 23rd August 2022 across all major gameplay platforms, and no doubt has fans in a frenzy. As a criminal, money will always be your main concern, whether it is to grow your empire, buy new clothes, weapons, or fancy new cars; these are all things that exemplify your typical "material girl." 

On that note, there are various ways to earn cash quickly in Saints Row 2022. For example, you can easily earn thousands of dollars by exploiting some of the game's quests. This guide will explain how you can get money fast in Saints Row Reboot 2022. 

Saints Row - How to get money fast

Getting cash will always be on the forefront of your mind when you have a large organization to keep running. There are multiple ways for players to get rich quickly in Saints Row 2022. One of the ways you can do this is by doing the @tcha Reviews.

how to get money quick saints row reboot 2022
Leave bad reviews on your enemy's restaurants and earn cash quickly in Saints Row 2022. (Picture: YouTube / DPJ) 

The @tcha Reviews is a social media app wherein you can leave bad ratings on your rival gang's restaurant. The lower the rating, the more cash you can earn. The first time you use @tcha Reviews will net you an easy $10,000 after leaving a 1-star review and surviving the hoard of angry enemies.

Every time you use the @tcha Reviews app after that, you will receive $8,000. Once your enemies swarm your location, the easiest way to defeat them is by using a car and driving them over or hijacking a helicopter to gun them down from the skies.

how to earn cash fast in saints row reboot 2022
You can use this method multiple times to earn cash quickly. (Picture: YouTube / DPJ) 

You can also earn money fast by doing Venture. By completing these criminal venture quests, you can quickly earn more cash. You can view your earnings on through the app on your phone. Once you are satisfied with your criminal earnings, you can transfer them to your spending account. 

That concludes our guide on how to get money fast in Saints Row 2022.

We want to thank YouTuber DPJ for their Saints Row "Fast Money Guide." Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content. Also, consider watching the video above if you want a visual walkthrough. 

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Featured image courtesy of Deep Silver.